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  • Why do You Need Content Editing for Improving Website SEO?

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    Blogging, Proofreading, and Editing is a love triangle that no author, marketer or SEO wants to upset. When we say, “your blog needs editing," most bloggers and webmasters think it has only to do with language. That is rarely the case. Do not get us wrong; Google still loves correct grammar and language when it comes to blogs. However, there is more you need to take into account if you want to keep your blog hip and attractive.


    Editing has a huge role to play in SEO. Blogging is now synonymous with WordPress. SEO and WordPress blend well together thanks to popular, free WordPress plugins that make it easy for kids to maintain their blogs. For the pro bloggers, it is more than ranting about their favorite nail color. Blogging is about real money. Therefore, editing is about SEO as well. As a blogger, you need to decide your keywords, the percentage of your keywords, the SEO title and the slug for your posts. You must already know how a great post can sink faster than the Titanic if it is not optimized for search engines.


    Today, you will find the answer to the huge question of all times – “Have you optimized your blog for your users?” and we will help you find that answer.


    Why do you publish your blog?


    This is the primary question you must ask yourself if you have been publishing for a while. Unless you know the answer to this one, it will be difficult for you to develop a content strategy for your company. You need a publishing schedule, set of clients, readership profile and niche. You need to be able to reach out to your audience to publish your blog.


    Do you know your audience?


    Fitness blogs have fitness enthusiasts as their target audience. Cooking blogs have cooking-enthusiasts, chefs, and foodies. What is your niche audience? Do you know whom you are writing for? You need to know your audience profile to understand what your readers want to read. Depending on your readership profile, you can moderate your blogging language.


    Believe it or not, sometimes, quantity matters more than quality when it comes to blogging for teenagers and young 20-somethings.


    When do you have to edit more?


    You need to treat your blog like a professional publication. We can both read a National Geographic and a Cosmopolitan in real life. The writing quality is drastically different. That is because the readership of each magazine is diverse as well. That is exactly what we are talking about.


    If you are targeting the young minds, who are eager to learn, use natural language and more reasoning. If you are targeting business owners in a specific geographical area say, Saint Louis Location, use formal language along with local themes to attract local traction.


    You should select your keywords depending on the most trending searches of your target audience group. You will produce much better content once you find out the purpose of your blog/article and get to know your readership.


    These are a few cases that should urge you to reconsider your editing –


    • Your content marketing goals are not in place
    • You are not resonating with your reader groups
    • You do not include enough prospects in your blogs


    What is the work of a good editor?


    • A good editor should be able to produce market-oriented and SEO friendly content.
    • Content is ultimately for human readers – A good editor knows that. Google bots do crawl content for ranking. Google does not like stop words. However, human readers prefer content that is accessible, correct and exciting.
    • All compelling content has one goal – to enthrall its readers and compel them to carry it forward. Good content is a source of inbound traffic for any online business. It should communicate a strong message.
    • Content does not have to be black and white – good content has its share of pictures, infographics, and videos. In fact, some tools will assist you to convert your written content into video format without technical intricacies.


    What does a good content require?


    A good editor knows the following six secrets to creating good content –


    1. Research: this is the beginning of any good content strategy. Some bloggers research for 20 hours a day to write for 1 hour. You may not stick to the 20-to-1 ratio. You should research on the topic and on your audience to understand their needs and demands.
    2. Prepare: Prepare your content according to your blog calendar. You can adjust the content topics or move them around later. Keep them ready.
    3. Write: synthesize a cohesive presentation of your research complete with pictures and visual aid.
    4. Polish: check for minute details. Make sure there are no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and fact-based errors. If you have already published a post with mistakes and someone points it out. Capitalize on it. Share corrections in reply, on your blog and urge more people to chime in.
    5. Publish: this is your litmus test. You will find out the validity of your consumer research, fact-based analysis and the performance of your blog.
    6. Push: share on your blog, but do not stop there. Share it through your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account.  


    How can you understand if your blog is doing well post-editing?


    You can take help from Google Page Insights to check if your website and blog are doing well. You can ask for site metrics before and after implementing your new editing methods.


    Editing your blog post is like fine-tuning a guitar. Your audience may think it sounds right, but you know, you can do better to reach out to the music virtuosos. Good blogs are money magnets, so unless you polish your editing skills, you are losing out money every minute.

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  • Content editing is a crucial aspect of improving website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for several reasons. Quality content is the backbone of an effective SEO strategy, and ensuring that your content is well-edited and optimized can lead to better search rankings, user engagement, and overall website performance. Here's why content editing is important for improving SEO.

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