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  • Will Button CTA Logic on Specific Condition Doable in WP?

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    Answer it

    Hi FindNerders,


    I suspect this is possible in WP, but would love to have someone confirm it's doable.

    I have 2 fields and 1 button:


    1. Zipcode

    2. Service Type (e.g. cleaning, office cleaning)

    3. Get a quote


    When a visitor inputs the Zipcode and Service Type, I want the system to execute the following logic:


    a.) Lookup against a database and check to see if the Zipcode AND Service Type = "YES" (let's say). If so, redirect the user to a specific page


    b.) If Zipcode = "NO" OR Service Type = "NO", then open an overlay with that specific Service Type form.


    Any thoughts or feedback are welcomed. Have an awesome weekend!

 1 Answer(s)

  • Hello espionage,

    It is possible in php. You need to create a form with two fields such as zipcode and service type. You can create a table in database and can fetch the details to match the entered details. If you are unable to write the code then reply me. I will provide you the solution

    Thank you
    Deepak Verma
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