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TestNG Annotations

TestNG is a testing framework and there are many annotations supported by testNG @BeforeSuite: The annotated method will be executed before all tests in the suite. @AfterSuite: The annotated method will be executed after all tests in this s...

How to set the priority of testcases in testng.xml file?

We use @Test method to make a class as a part of our testcase. We can set priority by using "priority=" with @Test annotation in testng.xml file. @Test(priority=1) @Test(priority=0) Priority 0 testcase will be executed first and the...

How to configure testNG in Eclipse?

Follow the following steps to configure testNG in eclipse: Open Eclipse Goto Help >> Install new Software Enter URL in "Work with" textbox and press enter. Select testNG and press next button. Now restart ...

Automation Testing Using TestNG

TestNG is a testing framework. It is powerful and easier to use to test the appliication we can automatically test the Application and generate the necessary documentation. The TestNG can have more functionality as comparing to JUnit and NUnit. T...
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