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Create HTML table from datatable in C#

Here i am displaying you a demo of creating a html table using all the columns and rows of datatable in c#. Suppose we have a datatable which contains data regarding items and we want this data to be sent to users through email as html(email`s...

Select DISTINCT records based on specified field from DataTable

This blog will help you when you need to select distinct records from a datatable on basis of selected columns. Suppose we have a datatable which holds the employee records. This datatable has following columns Name FatherName City ...

Solution of exception: This row already belongs to another table

When you try to read row from one table and add to another table, if you get the exception i.e. ""This row already belongs to another table". For example: foreach (DataRow drWrite in dtRead.Rows) { dtWrite.Rows.Add(drWri...

Difference between DataTable.Rows.Add(DataRow) and DataTable.ImportRow(DataRow)?

Hello Reader , When adding a row to DataTable, there are two methods available in C# and VB.Net i.e. DataTable.Rows.Add(DataRow) and DataTable.ImportRow(DataRow). Both do the same functionality, adding a row to DataTable but the main differ...

Passing a DataTable Parameter to Stored Procedure from C#

Some time we need to pass a tabular form data to our database. one option is to using loop in Datatable and on every iteration we have to make a Database call. But this approach is not too good and also it's a time taking and decrease our appli...
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