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Modal dialog getting closed on submit and without processing form

I have a modal that when opened through ajax displays a form with a submit button. The modal is getting opened successfully but when I am submitting the data in the form the modal disappears without doing the requisite function. I have tried m...

Getting Error When Trying to Pass JSON PHP to JS with Ajax!

Hey, I'm in desperate need. I have made a JSON object with PHP named userAuth and I am trying to pass it to a JS file with Ajax, here is my PHP code (auth.php):   $userAuth->access = 1; json_encode($userAuth);   ...

While creating PHP login script using Javascript Ajax, Why I ain't getting response?

create php login script using javascript ajax ? i have this script for php login and i need to use ajax to login the users but i can not make it work i can't get response form processing page and i use alert function to alert response text...

using ajax to load content from php file without jquery ( TABS)

i want to make a tabs that generating content from database based on what users click. i want to have a script which uses PHP, ajax and JSON if needed. but i don't want to use jquery. Could you please Help me? here is what i hav...

Repeat form on add form button

Hello everyone when I click on button repeat, the form is repeating. In this form I am using bootstrap color picker but when form repeat color picker not works in repeated form. this is my form:   <div class="col-sm-12 "> <...

countdown timer for online test

countdown timer for online test how can i add timer to my online test which allows me to -1 time your testing 2-if the countdown is finish the form will submit 3- after submit i need to give score the questions that he has already answered it...

How to display result of php file in an html file

I need help please. I create html file with 2 tabs. The first tab contains form that takes user input and submit it to php file. I want the result of the php file to be displayed in the second tab. HTML file:   <ul class="nav">...

Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha

How to implement Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using Phone gap or Sencha Using Drupal 7 authentication with javascript using phone gap or sencha?

How to included a timer on a web page

hello all, I want to include a timer on a web page which is designed for taking online test like on this website whose link is as followed Please suggest me how can I do that .
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