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Why the order-by in hbm.xml is not resulting the sort in UI(jsf)?

The order-by in hbm.xml is not resulting the sort in UI(jsf), where as the hibernate query is printing in console is working correct   I am not able to get the sorted table from the data base,where as the hbm.xml changes are reflecting...

How to Solve Array Problem in Java?

Monk was surprised to see a new game called, "Conversion Game". In this game, two arrays of N integers A1,A2...AN and B1,B2...BN are playing against each other and Array A wants to convert itself in Ar...

How to write a function that looks up values from a table within a range?

In the database I have a table for Users, and one table that is used as lookup. it holds scores and values.  i.e 10 5 15 6 20 7 After form submission, on the Users table a value like 12 is persisted. What I need is, a function to g...

What is the Use of Parent Child Inheritance Method?

Parent parent=new Parent(); Whats use of this?

Loop variable post-execution

Hey guys, Just  wondering if anyone can help. Given this statement: "Once you have completed executing a loop, the loop variable must be outside of the valid range of the condition", what does the latter part mean regarding the ...

Show large resultset from database into jtable with scroll pagination in java swing

Hello all, I am very new to java, so please ignore if you think this question is stupid. A task has been assigned to me in which I have to extract data from h2 database table with **more than 1 crore rows (SAD) from one table.** And finally show...

How do you know whether to make a class, a subclass, an abstract class, or an interface?

I usually write code as I go along, but I noticed this takes more time in the long run especially when I lose track of what codes does what where, but I wanted to start planning my code by making UML class diagrams and mockups. However, like t...

Help with java defensive programming technique

I have a the following four classes..  FTPApplication- Models FTP commands in a modular, extendible way. This abstract class provides several methods used by both the client and server. ServerSession- Models an FTP session with a client...

How to Allow 2 Users One at a Time to Place Their Ships on a Board

Please check the code below and provide a solution for this:   package Gui; import java.util.Scanner; public class Board {     public static void main(String[] args) {         // TODO Auto-genera...

Design a registration.jsp page with input for user registration details

Design a registration.jsp page with input for user registration details like firstname, lastname, choose username, choose password, confirm password. After submitting this details, display the details onto the display.jsp page using struts

String-Print a string character then extract user entered letter match with that word and append it as different word

Problem- Its not entering the If loop in the code snippet, couldn't get what's wrong in this logic.   /* * To change this license header, choose License Headers in Project Properties. * To change this template file, ch...

Node of list

Hi, all programmers. I can't solve this question. Can help me to solve this question. Because next Tuesday need submit my assignment. Thanks.

Data Structure and Design for Java object model based on Aggregating Data?

Am working on a coding exercise which I am somewhat confused on how to implement a solution.  According to the JavaDoc, I have to implement this EmployeeManager interface. Presume that employee data arrives in a separate thread from ot...

java problem

  what is the problem here?please help me package help; import java.util.Date; import java.sql.*; import java.util.logging.Level; import java.util.logging.Logger; public class Help { public static void main(String[] args)...

Difference between an Interpreter and a Compiler?

Hello Everyone, I am stuck somewhere and it would be really great if you help me out regarding this query in order to clear my confusion. What's the difference between an Interpreter and a Compiler? Thank you

Write a program in java to evaluate and print the value of mathematical function: f(x,y) = 2x2 - y + 3

Write a program in java  to evaluate and print the value of the following mathematical function: f(x,y) = 2x2 - y + 3 Vary the values of x and y according to the following table and prints the values of f(x,y) as shown in the table. ...

Source Code: Track the user activity on video portal using JSP and Servlet

How do I track the user activity on video portal using JSP and Servlet? Thanks in Advance

Attachment Download Feature : Streaming huge(> 1 GB) data string from javascript to JSP

Hi All, Feature Goal : To send a huge(sized) string data from javascript side to JSP and download that data as an attachment to user's machine. Current behavior : We are sending limited sized data in post body (<= 25M...

Server Side Programming

1.Modify the web.xml to turn off the three test filter filters and turn on the LogResponsesCookiesFilter filter. 2.Note how the filter works with the cookies. 3.Modify the LogResponsesCookiesFilter. The filter you implemented needs to add a...

How to resize attach image and view it (can see original size)?

Hye. I am Nabilah and below is my Java code at Jframe in netbeans. It is code about attach file or imageto display to Jframe.  Here I hope someone can help me 1. how to resize image (stadardize the size I upload) that already attached and...

Change DNS Server Setting with Client?

I am very new in socket programming. I installed windows server 2008 and DNS server on VMware. Now I want to change DNS server settings via client with PowerShell. What should I do?

Is it a good option to opt for game development for pitching up my career ?

Can anybody explain to me if libgdx is a worthy option to get into game development? I just came across it in my research for taking up Game Development as my career path but am confused like what are its advantages and limitations?  

Passing XML string to a stored procedure?

I am really really confused about how to convert string data that I get from a form and convert it to a XMLstring and pass the XML string to a stored procedure in Java. Please help me out. So, Let's say:- Post () method- String a = r...

Ask to complete the class

Hi, I was given a test to complete but unsure how I can use the apache commons in some methods. I have attached the file. Appreciate all your help.   package interview; import java.text.ParseException; import java.text.SimpleD...

Getting Springs, Hibernate Exception in Java

Can someone help me with this exception in Java,Springs,Hibernate.   Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: An SQLException was provoked by the following failure: java.lang.InterruptedException at com.mchange.v2.sql.SqlUtils.t...

Java Arraylist loop problem

import java.util.InputMismatchException; import java.util.Scanner; import; import java.util.Random; public class StringVariables { public static void main(String[] args) throws NumberFormatException, ...

images from database to jtable. Java

I have an app that contains a database using java sql, and has a jTable that displays the database info. It works fine, EXCEPT for when I am trying to store and display images to one of the columns. I used the  jTable1.setModel(DbUtils.resul...

Close to having database queries displayed to Jlist, what am I missing?

Hello, I feel like I may be very close to having my app display the rows from my database in the Jlist the way I would like (with every column from each row  displayed as one item on the Jlist. I think the problem might be in connecting the ...

BufferedInputStream in java

How internally BufferedInputStream work in java? During read from a file, how or who bring bytes from the file to the internal buffer? Wether BufferedInputStream read 1 byte at a time from internal buffer?

Handling JSON in Java

Can anybody here recommend a few best practices for handling JSON in Java?

How to add video background without slowing down the page?

How can I add a video background (see an example here: without slowing down my page? Is there a limit to resolutions also or can I use a high resolution video also? Any help would be appreciated.  

How to sort array without using Collection.sort method?

I need to sort an array but I don't want to do it by using the default Collection.sort method. How can I use Comparator to achieve the same result? Any help would be appreciated.

Suggestion for scalable java based socket server?

Hello everyone,  I have some doubts. Can I get some suggestions for scalable java based socket server ?  Please give some examples. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you

How to sort an arraylist of objects?

Hello everyone, I am stuck somewhere. I need to sort an Array List of particular type of Objects in java. Please explain with the help of an example.  Thank you

Email Address from given string java

Hello everyone, Can anyone help me with the below query- I want a code packet in java to check if a given string has an email address if yes then return the email address or return empty string.  

Why are annotations used in Java?

I have certain queries regarding annotations in Java. What is the usage of annotations in java? What are the major applications where we can use it? Can these be used to replace XML based configuration completely and is it language specific...

How to connect to redis server using Java?

Hello there, I am stuck in an issue, I am not able to connect to Redis Server using Java to get multiple key values from redis server in one request, any help will be appreciated. Thank you,

Copying jar from one location to another in Ant build.xml

 Hi can anybody help me to write a build.xml which copies file to a tomcat directory after the war is ready..   Thanks in Advance

RMI Registery java.rmi.connectexception connection refused to host

Below is my code:   import java.rmi.*; import java.rmi.server.*; import*; import*; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.lang.*; import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.filechooser.FileSyst...

Solve null pointer exception

Here is my Code: import java.sql.*; public class dbcon { Connection con; Statement st; ResultSet rs; dbcon() { try { Class.forName("net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessDriver"); Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(...

How to delete rows from a JTable using swingworker?

Am trying to create an application that sends messages(SMS) to a list of people in the JTable and each time a message is sent to the recipient who is a row in the JTable i want that row to be deleted and i want the sending of the message to be do...

Desktop application like word web (

I need to make a Desktop Application with following features : Once installed, it gets launched at the time user logs in and runs in the background. If the user selects some text from browser or from notepad and clicks a particular key combinat...

Sorting singly linked list which takes only one argument

I want to write a recursive method which sorts the singly linked list and takes only one argument. And do not write another auxiliary method to support this recursive method.

Convert object to xml

i want to make a program that will create automatically XML data structures. I will not know from the beginning which is the class, and which the attributes so i cant use JAXB. For example, if the input is: Employee, name,id Employeelist, co...

xml to json conversion

Hi can anyone tell me how to convert xml to json in java.   thanks in advance.

mismatch in json while converting

can help me to resolve this. Am trying to convert the xml to json but the json values is not same as xml there is a mismatch in the values. Here is the snippet @SuppressWarnings("unused") public static void main (String args[]) throws...

Can someone explain the algorithm of this java program?

I found it in the net and I want to know the explanation of it's algorithm. I'm having a hard time to understand this. thank you so much :) import java.util.Scanner; class BinarySearch { public static void main(String args[]) { ...

Serilazable interface

Hello All, Could anyone help with this,The Serializable interface doesn't contain any members and also called as Marker Interface But to persist any object that must be implemented serializable  interface ,I want detail explanation ab...

ArrayList is not synchronized

What does it mean when we say an ArrayList is not synchronized?

Question about using Java for data compression:

Hello, I have a question regarding the best approach to using Java to compress an MP4 music file. My approach is to use Java NIO to input the MP4 file into RAM as a stream and parse the bits to find a specific bit pattern. When I find the bi...
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