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  • 2D Animations Explainer Videos And How They Help Your Business Grow

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    How The Explainer Videos Helps Your Business To Grow

    Marketing plays an important role when it comes to promoting your brand and taking it to new heights by increasing awareness and targeting new audiences. But with marketing, you need to constantly grow and do something different in order to keep your audience interested. The same old boring posts after a time won’t be enough to keep people interested in your brand. This is why 2D animation explainer videos gained popularity. They changed the ordinary to extraordinary, bringing more traffic to websites and increasing the digital footfall altogether. But the real question here is, how can cartoon images bring more traffic to your website? Aren’t they supposed to be for kids? Well, keep reading why these turned out to be such a huge hit among the masses.


    1.    Easy to Understand:

    Around 65% on the population respond better, when given both verbal and visual cues together. Their attention span increases, since the brain doesn’t have to work that hard. It becomes easier for the brain to process since a relevant image is already present alongside with the message being conveyed. This makes communication better by breaking down all barriers.


    Cartoon explainer videos are the most successful when it comes to understanding. Have you ever wondered why kids like cartoons so much? Simply because cartoons are easy to understand and process. The cute images are easily broken down by our brain and the message is deciphered quickly. This same tactic is used when making a 2D animation video. It is easily understood and retained by the target audience.


    2.    Grabs and Holds Attention:

    Animated explainer videos, like cartoons are entertaining and addictive to watch. Sometimes the characters are so perfectly executed that they turn out to be a delight to watch. Hence, once you start watching an animated video, you can’t press pause without looking at the whole thing. I mean no matter how much we grow up, we still get excited over a toy that comes with a Happy Meal.















    The same way, every time we see an animated video, our curiosity increases making us watch the whole thing with our full attention span. When we give our full attention to a video, it increases our retention rate as well. This is a huge benefit of getting a 2D animation explainer video made for your brand. People will remember your name long after your video was made!


    3.    Better Engagement:

    In a 2D animation explainer video, there are different cues. You have the music, the voiceover and the images to go along with all of it. Due to all these different stimuli, different parts of the brain are activated heightening your understanding and senses. This creates a deeper engagement. The more your senses are involved in anything, the more likely you are to remember that and the deeper will be your understanding. When the viewer experiences this, it becomes a memorable experience for them and is stored in the subconscious mind for later use. So even after years, if someone takes your brands name, that viewer won’t have any problem recalling your brand and its USP.


    4.    Easy on the Pocket:

    If you compare a 2D animation explainer video to an advertisement that runs on the television, it won’t be right. Because with an advertisement on the television, you cannot choose the audience that watches it. You will be paying a lot of money but you won’t have any control over the people that watch it.


    However getting an explainer video made and promoted costs 70 times less than an advertisement. And the best part about it? You can also control who watches it and when. You can select your audience based on their interests, preferences and buying behaviors. So not only does this reduce your cost in the long run, but it also generates some pretty good leads which are beneficial to your business.


    5.    Easy to Share:

    We all share what we find interesting. Every time we see something funny or interesting on the social media, we like it and send it to the people we want to share it with, be it our colleagues, friends or family. Explainer videos are easy to share, since they are made that way. They have the perfect ratio of text to audio, that doesn’t make it boring or uninteresting. Unlike blogs, they are easy to share and read!


    And the best part about them is that the animated explainer videos are a delight to watch. Even if you do not want to watch one at the beginning, you simply cannot stop without watching the whole thing. That is the power of 2D animated explainer videos.


    Depending on what you need, 2D animated video explainers can benefit you and help you achieve the results that you want in a fraction of the cost. It can be used to communicate your ideas, messages and the big picture behind the brand. Stop wasting time thinking about it anymore and go to our website to get a quote.



    2D explainer videos are a great way to get your message across to the target audience. All in all they are a great resource to have in your arsenal of marketing tools. Every idea that you have, it can easily be translated into a cartoon explainer video hence increasing your views. Read on more to find out how exactly 2D animation explainer videos help your business grow.

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