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  • Why Companies Should Try And Deliver An Excellent Media Experience

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    Since the dawn of time, humans have been fascinated by stories. Whether it is watching a movie or reading a book, we enjoy being immersed in another world. Today, storytelling happens on multiple platforms—television, movies, books, social media, magazines, websites, and more. What story will your business tell? How will it convey its message? Below are some reasons to ask these questions, as well as tips to deliver an excellent media experience successfully.


    What Is Media?


    Media is a term used for various information delivery systems including broadcasting, telecommunication, and print media. Different types of media exist to serve different purposes. In a nutshell, media is any type of communication that your business may use. There are various forms of media such as audio, text, photos, video, etc. All these forms of media can help you convey your message to your audience. You might use various platforms to deliver your message. Those include:


    • Live broadcasting

    • Social media

    • Website content such as blog posts

    • Marketing emails

    • E-books

    • Podcasts

    • And many more


    Why Is Media Important?


    It is important to communicate with your target audience in order to deliver a memorable experience to them. In the digital age that we live in today, people consume different types of media every day. It is no wonder that businesses have jumped on the bandwagon by starting their own channels on various digital platforms. Media is a great way to deliver content to your audience, build awareness, establish your brand, and eventually, convert your audiences to loyal customers.


    Businesses have also been using television as a marketing tool for years. However, as times have changed, so has the way businesses communicate with their customers through media. Internet streaming is becoming a popular alternative to watching television commercials. With so many online channels to choose from, people have more options when it comes to choosing what to watch and how to watch it. It is an opportunity to entertain and educate customers while promoting a product or service. One such option is OTT streaming—you can speak to specialists in OTT to find out more. It is important for businesses to stay in line with current trends and utilize them to deliver effective marketing strategies.


    What Your Customer Journey Might Look Like


    To better demonstrate the benefits of delivering an excellent media experience, imagine your customer journey from the top of the funnel until the bottom. A customer might first stumble across your business because of a post their friend has shared on social media. They may be captivated by the content and recognize its value. This is when they take the first steps to become a customer - they might like the post and become a follower.


    As time goes on, you announce that you are hosting a live session containing more information about a particular topic that your potential customer is interested in. Your potential customer sees the post and joins your live broadcast. The objective of your live broadcast might be to receive mailing list sign-ups. You, therefore, encourage your audience to sign up to your mailing list while you stream, and perhaps offer a discount to your new subscribers. The potential customer then subscribes to your mailing list.


    After receiving a few of your emails, your potential customer is now familiar with your brand, they know what they want, and they have received a discount. Such a customer is now ready to convert. If they convert, you can implement a customer retention strategy to retain this customer. Of course, every business is different, and your ideal customer journey may likely be different as well—but what matters is that you nurture the relationship over time by delivering great content and building trust and loyalty with your customers.

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