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  • 6 Useful Business Tools to Enhance Your Work Performance

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    Laptop Computer


    Technology makes work easier. If it were not for mobile phones, people would still be sending letters and waiting for days to hear back. Today, there are numerous software that aid in making both work and personal life easier. Here are six software that will enable easy personal and work life.


    1. ABBYY

    ABBYY FineReader is a software that turns your images into actual typed text. It is an optical character recognition software and its best in this category. A great thing about the software is that it allows you to begin fine-tuning the results immediately as opposed to waiting for the whole document to be processed. As it works on your document’s final pages, you can offer it feedback on the initial pages, which is great for your productivity. It is one of the best document management software currently. The software goes for as low as $118.00.


    2. Trello

    Trello is a work management software with kanban-style. It aids your team in visualizing their workflow. When it comes to Trello as well as other kanban apps, you come up with cards and organize them into columns. Every column can symbolize whatever you desire. You then move the cards to different columns according to the progress of the work. You can also create your own ad hoc methods. The amazing thing about Trello is that it has fun stickers and simple interface that add some simplicity to even the most complicated jobs. The software is free but the Business Plan costs $119.88 per annum per user.


    3. Teamwork Projects

    Team Projects is a software in the project management category that is simple to use and affordable. Not all project management software are easy to use and affordable. Team Projects increases the simplicity of project management through its self-explanatory interface. In addition to being affordable, it has flat-rate pricing for unrestricted number of users. It is a great value for teams that are small in size. The software is free, but paid versions start from $45 per month.


    4. Podio

    Podio is a work management and business collaboration platform that is customizable and super flexible. It is a software hub that allows work to get done. It lets you add apps to it, like those specializing in project management and invoicing to create an online workspace that meets the requirements of your company. The strength of this software comes from its ability to let you customize it by adding your apps. It is a top comprehensive productivity tool for work management and small business communication. It goes for as slow as $9 every month.


    5. Grammarly

    In case you spend plenty of your personal or work time writing, some grammatical mistakes are unavoidable. While Office suites have their grammar and spelling, they are not as advanced and unique as Grammarly. Grammarly works in most places on the web. Moreover, it is great at suggesting stylistic writing changes depending on particular writing genres. For your grammar when communicating with your friends, download the mobile keyboard app for iOS and Android. The software is free to use, and the paid version is $29.95 per month.


    6. Cortana

    Nowadays, every smartphone is accompanied by a digital helper. Whether you have access to Siri or Google Assistant, you need to consider utilizing Cortana too, especially if you work with several devices or have a Windows 10 PC. Simply, download the app and sign in with a Microsoft account before letting her organize your life. Cortana can take notes, set task reminders, and write lists. The software can ping you at specific times of the day or when you are near particular locations. For instance, if you pass a flower shop, it might remind you to buy flowers. Also, the software will keep you up to date with weather forecasts and breaking news.



    Many of these software are available both for free and at a cost. Hence, you can just use the free version if you don’t have much requirements. The software will save you both time and money.

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