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  • 3 Great Startup Opportunities Ideas for Egyptian Entrepreneurs

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    This new age of technology is a proper time to start a new business. The world of startups has already shown that any kind of bright idea can travel through cyberspace and find the right target public.


    Egypt has experienced a new wave of successful startup stories, from the job matching intelligence provided by to the self-driving trucks that the promises to drivers and shippers.


    Now, it is your turn to find a product or service that solves a problem people have nowadays. This article will pinpoint 3 great startup opportunities ideas for you to discover the right business environment for your next company.


    1.     Translation Services


    The Arabic language can be a valuable resource you can use to your advantage. If you have a strong grip of English, you can contribute to simplifying the cross-cultural global market.Thanks to the Internet and technology, the world is starting to melt its borders away and turn itself into a united economic community.


    International companies have already begun to hire new remote employees with great potential thanks to new technology like cloud storage, work tracking systems, and communication tools – check their platforms out on JobApplicationCenter.


    The email is still the backbone of international partnerships, and once you create your account, you can form your network of professional relations online. These two situations are signs that culture does no longer confine its interests within its borders, but it has opened the doors to international activities.


    This means that the movement toward globalization will always be in need of fresh efforts to support its cross-cultural obstacles. Foreigners have an exceptionally difficult time to learn the Arabic language from scratch, which opens a big opportunity for Egyptian entrepreneurs to supply their knowledge to the global market. Your business can become an essential link that brings foreign companies together.


    2.     Subscription Boxes + Your Kind of Product


    Subscription boxes have become a big hit throughout the world, and their huge potential has not yet reached its maximum point. This idea incorporates the one thing that people can’t resist to, namely gifts, into the utility that a certain product provides.


    Basically, once you activate such a service, you will find on a monthly basis a box in front of your door. This box is filled with products from a certain domain, such as cosmetics, books, pet treats, and the options are curated to fit your interests and likes.These monthly boxes will deliver a surprise that will upgrade the consumer’s lifestyle, and this means that they also attend a need and not only a whim.


    The benefits of such a service have much more in store for the customers themselves. Being in bulk, the range of products will come at a lower price, which usually varies from $10 to $100.


    So, your next startup opportunity can tap the potential of a product that hasn’t been yet discovered by subscription boxes. So far, the most successful services of this kind have delivered candies, socks, toys, magazines, organic soap bars, postcards with art, and even food ingredients to cook your own meal from scratch.


    It isn’t necessary to offer real size products. Lots of people would be delighted to receive samples, especially from beauty products such as perfumes or body creams.


    Everybody wants to test a product before they buy it, so they know they make the correct purchase decisions. Also, you can monetize goods in a digital format. This kind of product will save you from many logistics problems, so think of digital design, eBooks, or popular songs.


    This is a new market that will flourish across the e-commerce business in the near future. You can join the new trend with your own idea of product or service that answers a current issue of the modern person.


    3.     Recycling Services


    The environmental protection is one of the main issues that concern the present generation. It has become clear once and for all that global warming is a real threat to Earth.


    Nations all over the world have gathered together in what is known as the Paris Agreement in December 2015 to decide how to reduce the global greenhouse gas emissions. This means that the following years will see an increased interest in sustainable living. This kind of lifestyle tries to reduce the use of natural and personal resources which is a move that needs an intelligent recycling system.


    There is already a culture developed around waste recycling, such as paper, aluminum cans or plastic bottles. However, the modern house has not yet maximized an environmentally friendly routine. People need help with developing a fully sustainable living, and a recycling service can provide this support for them.


    The kind of waste that still harms our environment comes in the form of broken electronics and clothes that nobody wears anymore. Usually, the warehouses that deal with recycling domestic appliances are located on the outskirts of the city which makes them less accessible.


    Moreover, organizations that deal with cloth waste are not actually recycling but repurposing. That means that they do not accept pieces of clothes that are in bad shape and this results in a huge resource waste. The lack of a smart recycling system offers you a great startup opportunity idea on which to build your next company.


    The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is the core concept that will empower your business. You can become a link between consumers and recycling warehouses by showing up at people’s doors and offering to get them rid of electronics they don’t use anymore.


    So, these are the 3 great startup opportunities that you can turn into your next Egyptian project.


    Find for any of these the right target public and understand the issues they have to face on a daily basis. All you need is a unique angle to start your entrepreneurial pursuits.

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