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  • 5 Benefits of ROR Framework That Make it the Ideal Choice for Web Development

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    Released over 13 years ago in 2005, Ruby on Rails (ROR) has proved to be nothing less than a phenomenon in the world of web development. Its use of concepts like don’t repeat yourself (DRY) and convention over configuration (CoC) have streamlined the development process in a whole new way. As a result, today ROR has achieved the status of a highly popular web framework.


    How good ROR framework is for web development becomes clearer when one looks at the big, popular web applications that have been built upon it. Airbnb, Zendesk, GitHub, and Hulu are all backed by ROR. So the major question here is amidst so many web development frameworks available, what makes ROR so special? Here in this article we will explore the various benefits of ROR framework that make it ideal for developing excellent web applications.


    Cost-saving Way to Develop Web Applications

    For any business, the idea of saving money is attractive. Cost savings is exactly what ROR offers by being an open-source web development framework. The framework can be used for free for developing the application. Businesses will need to hire Ruby on Rails experts to develop the application. They can enjoy cost savings here too if they hire a Ruby On Rails development company India that provides ROR development services at affordable prices.


    Faster Way to Develop Web Applications

    In addition to saving money, businesses also like to save time. Well, ROR development delivers in this particular area as well. In comparison to other web development frameworks, the time needed to develop a website is reduced by 25-50% with ROR framework! There are plenty of reasons behind the time-efficiency of this framework. The extensive libraries available provide a great deal of help in the development work. Features can be quickly developed in the web applications with the help of a vast array of modules and plugins that are all ready to be used. The object-oriented nature of Ruby, the programming language using which the ROR framework is written, is also helpful. What’s more is that this framework requires significantly less coding effort. All of these factors help in reducing the development time.


    Ideal Choice for RAD Software Development Model

    Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a flexible and efficient software development model that helps in building software quickly, just as the name suggests. This popular model for software development can be used in conjunction with ROR framework quite well. The ROR framework is such that making any changes becomes easy and manageable. This speeds up the application development process.


    ROR Suitable for All Types of Web Applications

    ROR framework is such that it can be used to build any type of web application. Whether it’s a general-purpose web application or one with a specialized purpose, with the help of Ruby on Rails experts, it’s possible to build anything. For example, if a business is trying to build a content-focused website, then ROR would be a great fit because it will allow for content to be uploaded in an easy and quick way. If a business requires an e-commerce website, then the modular aspect of the framework will allow the building of such a website with all the necessary functionalities. Uploading products is a standard requirement with e-commerce applications, which will be quite easy to fulfill with ROR.


    The ROR framework is also helpful in building quality, user-friendly interface which is necessary in every type of web application. Any business wanting to build a web application only has to share its requirements with a Ruby On Rails development company India and the company will build the desired application.


    Coding in ROR Framework is Easy to Understand

    The coding style in ROR framework is so simple and comprehensible, a factor that’s beneficial for developers as well as businesses. The syntax used in the framework is quite English-like which makes the code easy and clear for reading. For developers, this is good because the clarity and simplicity of the code means that they don’t have to spend much time writing down code explanations in the form of comments. The code is pretty much self-explanatory.


    The code readability is good for businesses too because it allows for application issues to be fixed without any hassle. Identifying and resolving issues in a code that’s too convoluted can be very difficult. So much so that it might seem a better idea to redo a big chunk of the application just to get rid of the issues. Not only is this time-consuming, but it’s also expensive. What’s great about the code written in ROR is that it’s easy to follow for any ROR developer. This means that whenever any issues crop up, it will be easy for any ROR developer to spot them and resolve them. This means that businesses can have their application related issues solved easily if the application is ROR-based.



    ROR is an excellent framework for developing a web application with. The various benefits listed above prove the efficiency of the framework. Different businesses have different web application requirements, but Ruby on Rails India development service is the answer that will satisfy the application needs for every business.


    It’s worth mentioning that long-term web application projects are well served by this framework; because the framework’s simplicity makes it easy to make updates or changes in the application whenever needed, no matter how much time has elapsed since the application was originally written. Businesses that want to build outstanding web applications by leveraging all the features and benefits of ROR framework should go for ROR development India.

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