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  • Ruby on Rails: Top 9 Reasons to Adopt It for Your Next Web Development Project

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    With several programming languages currently available in the market, it’s very easy to get confused when it comes to choosing the path that suits your goals. Choosing a technology that you’ll use to develop a web app is one challenge that every product and every business has to change. Remember, if you make a good choice you’ll have a solid base for expansion and growth, but if you choose wrongly you may end up spending a lot of money. You, therefore, need to hire Ruby on Rails programmer.


    Build on Ruby language, Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework meant for web applications. As a complete framework, it provides many components for successful web projects such as ORM, for business logic and data, and routing and application management. In order to decide whether it’s a good fit for your company, you need to know what actually makes it unique. Here are some of the top reasons why you should adopt it and hire Ruby on Rails developer in India for your next project.


    It’s highly scalable

    Since it’s known to help businesses achieve their goals it’s highly scalable. Also, it has several attribute and features that provides one with a good platform. It follows a clear and distinct structure with very flexible modules. Further, it allows the division of the website interface into areas so as to shift their database to cloud when there is increased traffic.


    It’s convenient and intuitive

    Although there are different ways that can be used to solve a problem, Ruby on Rails experts provides you with the most effortless and convenient solution. Its object-oriented nature also plays a huge role when it comes to the intuitiveness of coding. In addition, its conventions simplify the process of moving between various projects as they tend to be having identical practices and structures. This can significantly impact on the developer productivity.


    Unparalleled and unmatched quality

    Ruby on Rails will provide one with a clean and clutter free programming knowledge with easy syntax that uses a variety of developer friendly practices and protocols such as DRY,KISS. In addition, it employees the best programming practices that make sure there is high-quality code output that’s free of bugs and irregularities. By following the most advanced software architecture, it involves each and every attribute of the project.


    It’s ideal for agile projects

    In agile projects, there are a lot of frequent changes to the scope. Ruby on Rails can significantly help to reflect on these changes without any loss in the quality of code. Since the product owner will provide instant feedback, new versions will be released instantly. Automated tests in its framework also ensure that there is no additional documentation required.



    Security is perhaps one of the most important features that every web developer is looking for when they are developing an application. Although it comes as an open source framework, Ruby on Rails will continuously update itself. As compared to other server-side frameworks used for web development, it’s still clearly ahead. Since it’s constantly being updated it offers the best security for any web development project.


    It provides a simple API creation for your mobile apps

    The application written on Ruby on Rails applies a RESTful architecture by default. This is not only well recognized but also allows easy creation of APIs. The good thing is that you do not need to hire a new developer to help implement this. By offering built-in support for JSON, Indian Ruby on Rails developer offers the ideal solution for any mobile app that needs a backend.


    Community and open source

    Ruby on Rails has currently built a huge number of developers around itself. At the moment, it has a huge collection of open source codes that are readily available to anyone who needs it. More so, the community has great help for developers, providing them with an efficient solution and the feedback that they need. Since its convenient, it’s quite favorable for making changes quickly and simply. Apart from editing the code, it’s also easy to organize the productive flow.


    It’s cost-effective

    Since it’s an open source, it does not need any additional costs for licensing. This overall means a faster process, fewer development problems, and lower cost.


    Development and automation happiness

    It has also automated several manual tasks so that developers can focus on the core features. This not only makes business owners happy but also ensures that there is some efficiency in the development process. More so, its testing framework provides fast, inexpensive and reliable testing that makes it suitable for developers.



    Overall, each project needs a careful approach to the choice of software, programming languages and technologies that one needs. Most users do not focus on the tools, codes, and techniques they just see the products hence you need to choose something that works best when it comes to solving your problems. As compare to other frameworks Ruby on Rails is a reliable framework that you can trust when it comes to developing high-performance applications faster.

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