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  • List of Top 10 Ruby on Rails Interview Questions for 2019

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    Ruby on Rails is a server-side framework written in ruby which provides a default structure for a database, web service and web pages. Ruby on rails uses web standards like JSON for data transfer and user interfacing. Companies including software development companies in India are looking to exploit the various software engineering patterns of Ruby on Rails through controllers.



    Ruby on Rails Interview Questions

    1. Mentioning all the naming conventions in ruby on rails

    Naming conventions used in ruby on rails are:

    • Variables for variable declaration
    • Class and module
    • Database table for data storage
    • Model
    • Controller


    2. Explaining the features of ruby on rails

    Ruby on rails has meta-programming features usable for heavy lifting. The active record feature allows objects to be saved in the database. The other features include: scaffolding, convention over configuration, three default production environments for the framework and lastly built-in testing to write and execute codes.


    3. The model view controller framework used in ruby on rails

    This occurs through the use of the three different sub-systems of web development which include active record, action view and action controller, which acts as an app’s data broker.


    4. The meaning of rails

    You should understand that rail is an application framework written in ruby language for the development of backend application. The rails framework is necessary for creating a database driven web application.


    5. Different filters used in ruby on rails

    Filters are methods used before and after a controller’s action are executed. They include:

    • Before filters, executed before the execution of code in the action controller
    • After filters, executed after execution of code
    • Around filters, executed both before and after execution of code.


    6. Protecting the filter methods in ruby on rails

    Filters can be protected by methods like public, protected and private. Under Public methods, any external class using the same class in which it is defined can access it. Protected methods can only be used within the class in which they are defined and classes inherited. Private methods can only be accessed within the class in which they are defined.


    7. The roles of sub directly app/controllers and app/helpers

    The presence of helpers are for assisting the view, model and the controller classes present in it while the app controllers are user web requests handled by the controller.


    8. The meaning of rails migration

    Rails migration enable changes in the database schema in order to use the version control system for synchronization of those things in actual code.


    9. The role of rails controller

    The rails controller is the logical center of the application where views and models can interact with each other. It helps in regulating helper modules.


    10. Differences between observers and callbacks in ruby on rails

    Observers are only used when the method is not directly associated to the life cycle of the project while callbacks are only called at only certain points of time in the life cycle of an object.



    Ruby on rails is used by app development companies in India because it is innovative. It is therefore important to understand these interview questions in order to stand out.


    List of Top 10 Ruby on Rails Interview Questions for 2019

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