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  • 5 laws of Social Media Marleting: What do customers expect from you

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    According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers work with social networks. 85% of them do not know which tools are best to use. This suggests that the potential of social media marketing is huge, but experts do not understand how to work with the audience. We have collected for you 5 laws of marketing in social media, which will help you to build relationships with your customers and increase sales.



    Law number 1. Listen

    Read what your target audience writes and spreads, join the discussion to understand what is important to them. Ask questions, conduct surveys, do everything that will help you to learn about the needs of the client and his attitude towards you. Work with the negative feedback, turn problems into solutions.


    Law number 2. Narrow specialization

    You can be a universal employee, but you can't be a universal specialist. If you are a copywriter, then do not tell the engineer how difficult is to lay the cable on the bottom of the ocean. The engineer will tell, but not the fact that it will be understandable and interesting. Join forces and create expert content for which customers will respect you.


    Gather information from different specialists from different departments of your company. Understand what information can be disclosed publicly, so as not to harm the brand. Evaluate what information will be of interest to your audience. Process and submit data so that the result is useful and easy to read.


    Law number 3. Quality

    Do not chase the number of subscribers and posts. Better attract one brand supporter than 50 indifferent strangers. Write 1 post per 2 days, which will enthrall the client, but not 3 per day "good morning", "good evening" and "bye-bye". The quality of content is about value, not quantity.


    Law number 4. Patience

    Think about the fact that in the world of social media everything works just like in the real world. Relationships with subscribers are the same as with friends. Imagine them as ordinary people. Trust is not a matter of one day, one post or one answer. If you try to build relationships in a certain time frame or manipulate them, wait for the opposite effect.


    Law number 5. Building

    Look at what is trendy in Youtube. Follow cartoons, politics, lifehacks, instructions, advice. Useful things are always viral.Show how to make life easier for the user. Demonstrate a new way of using the product. Conduct a video experiment that will show the advantage of your product. Tell them a funny/emotional story. Show how your product affects people's lives.



    I think in social media marketing, all the marketers needs to stay an ordinary person for successful communication. Less well-trained phrases, fewer sales, less distance, less control and everything that creates barriers to communication in real life. Imagine that you are not marketing, but just talking with a person. You better make a human error in the word than you will talk with templates of commercial offers.

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