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  • Facebook Retargeting: 7 Surprising Tactics You Must Try That Actually Works

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    The truth is, 96 percent of web visitors that arrive on your website are not prepared to make a purchase. 


    They simply go to your site, wander around for a bit, and then leave. In fact, most of them will also forget all about your site after closing the tab. 


    That's why you constantly need to remind these site visitors about your site and remain in contact with them up until they are ready to make a purchase. 


    That's where Facebook retargeting comes in. 


    What is Retargeting?

    Before we dive right in, let's first discuss what Facebook Retargeting is. 



    In a nutshell, it is the process of looking for people who visited your site then using their data to track down their profiles on Facebook. You can then start running ad campaigns to target those users, and then entice them to go back to your site. 


    Here’s how you can leverage retargeting for your business:


    1. Develop a tracking system

    You cannot do retargeting without tracking your audience first. 


    To come up with Facebook Custom Audiences, you will need data of users who have engaged with your website as well as your content. Simply put, you need to develop a tracking system.


    Here are two ways on how you can track your site visitors and create Custom Audiences:


    • Place Facebook Pixel on your site. 

    • Or utilize WordPress' Pixel Caffeine plug-in. 


    After setting up your tracking system, you can now build a brand new custom audience and come up with remarketing messages that resonate with your site visitors. 


    2. Use different retargeting campaign for each group

    Some marketers make the mistake of broadly retargeting all site visitors when retargeting.


    Luckily, there are various ways in which a prospect could initially encounter your brand, and you can utilize Facebook retargeting to reach these groups. You can also use various metrics that will help you create a custom audience for your retargeting campaign. 


    At Voy Media Marketing Agency NYC, we put emphasis on audience segmentation. That’s because it allows us to fine-tune our clients’ campaign efforts by creating retargeting ads that focus more on people who have installed their app, visit a specific landing page of their site, or downloaded free content.


    For every retargeted group, create a conversion goal. Having these campaign goals ultimately guide your Facebook campaign.


    3. Retarget audience who inquired about your pricing plans

    Facebook retargeting lets you build a custom audience for users who have visited a particular page on your site.


    For example, people who visit your Pricing page are more likely interested to buy from you. So, you need to make sure that you do not lose these users by segmenting them.


    Good thing for you, you can create this kind of custom audience based on your URL's pricing page. Once you’re ready to run your ad campaign, make sure to bid the highest price to ensure that you reached all of them.


    4. Retarget existing customers

    Here is a trick question: Can you retarget customers who already bought your products or services?


    Yes, you have to.


    Doing so can help resurrect the email subscribers that you haven't heard from for a while. Come to think of it, one of the most common problems with email lists is that at one point, some of your subscribers can become unresponsive.


    While you grow your email list over time and gain new subscribers, the old ones eventually become unresponsive. 


    So how do you deal with the problem? By retargeting them. It's also less costly on your part, and the ads are more relevant, helping you improve your CTR. 


    5. Retarget video viewers

    Are you utilizing videos in your usual Facebook ad campaigns? 


    Another custom audience that is often overlooked is the video audience. These are people who would watch your videos whenever you publish something new. When it comes to retargeting, you can retarget an audience with a 10-second video within the last three days.


    Users usually start with a recent video you just uploaded, which can be edited daily to be used in your Facebook ads. 


    6. Retarget audience who almost signed up

    This time you have to retarget users that are closer to converting. How? By simply targeting users who went to your sign-up page but did not proceed in signing up. 


    It is not always clear why anyone who has hit the "sign-up" button on your website would not sign up. However, it does happen, and it happens for a variety of reasons. 


    What you can do is to give them the last push. You should also try to take off any concerns and insecurity on their part to encourage them to finally sign-up.


    7. Give the retargeted audience a personalized offer

    When you run remarketing campaigns, blanketed targeting is less effective. Instead, you should retarget based on user intent. 


    A lot of people make the mistake in retargeting by picking "All visitors," and then provide them with product offers that are generic.


    Retargeting becomes more effective if you delve deeper and fine-tune your efforts. For instance, a user is looking at your pricing page for a long time yet does not convert. What you can do is to hit them up with a personalized offer, with huge incentives. 


    Also, people are smarter these days. They know that the moment they abandon a cart and did not purchase right off the bat, a new offer is coming their way. By offering discount codes in your remarketing campaign, users are more likely to return and complete the purchase. 


    Over to You

    In the advertising world, Facebook retargeting is like a gem. These retargeting campaigns ensure that you are giving users what they need the most, while you brilliantly meet your business objectives. 


    Your first campaign might not be an immediate success, but over time, you can learn from those mistakes. You would eventually start seeing more leads becoming your customers. 


    Segregating users into the various custom audience is an excellent way to do it. In the end, you would be surprised at how better your marketing results are.


    Become a gamechanger by taking your Facebook retargeting campaigns to the next level!

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