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  • 6 Design Strategies You Should Use to Make Your Training Courses More Attractive

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    There has been a lot of talk about how outdated the current educational system has become off late.  Influencers are trying to point out that nothing significant has changed in the last century. It’s paradoxical, to say the least if you count in how much the world has changed during this time. The technological development has changed the way the human race functions and interacts, but somehow, schooling systems weren’t a priority here.


    But now, the popularity of eLearning software is rising. Training courses which are meant to help with the development of certain skills are gaining prominence because they have proved themselves to be effective. It was about time to transfer from studying from dry and extensive manuals to learning from training which is fashioned for particular professions. However, it is necessary to create courses which are efficient and thus beat your competition at the very beginning.


    Realizing that not everyone is aware how design strategies are key for making training courses attractive, we have listed out some of them here.


    Motivate & encourage your learners


    First of all, a person attending your training course needs to find it interesting. If you don’t manage to attract their attention in the beginning of your course and keep them interested throughout, they won’t be able to complete it successfully, or at all. Therefore, the first thing you need to introduce to your training is motivation. You will be able to achieve this if your content is relevant; every piece you incorporate needs to be at par and with no mistakes.


    Also, you need to think about encouragement if your training course isn’t at the level stated in its description and it’s more difficult than stated, your learners will be discouraged. Causing a negative effect on their confidence will make them drop out. So, you need to provide them with a feeling of satisfaction, so including some kind of award or a certificate for those who successfully managed to complete your training is a great idea. A token of accomplishment will give your learners a feeling of achievement and inspire them to grow professionally.


    Think about the Structure


    In order to actually pass on some knowledge and contribute to someone’s skill development, it is necessary to structure your training course properly. It needs to have a body that will define the objectives of your course. The main guideline that goes for any topic you could possibly think of is that you need to start with general educational material and move on to more specific terms and elaborate on those. This will give your training courses a simple yet efficient flow that will allow any learner to follow.


    Diversity of Content


    Like we mentioned in the introduction, educational systems are considered outdated. No matter whether we’re talking about a kid who just started school or an adult who’s attending a training course, the conventional educational system doesn’t work for all type of learners.


    Different types of learners respond to different things. Some prefer visual content, many choose written text. Some go for reading, auditory, and kinesthetic. If you use a quality eLearning software to create your courses, you will be given an option to include different types of content. This is a must-have if you want to address a wider audience, so make sure your courses consist out of photos, videos, infographics and audio recordings.


    Include Homework


    In order to make sure your courses will have a long-term effect on your learners and that the knowledge you share will be retained by them, you should turn to one learning method that’s very old but very efficient. Repetition is the mother of learning, so suggesting assignments in the form of homework is an excellent idea.


    Just make sure to be innovative with your ideas because not a large percentage of people enjoy returning to their student days. The homework strategy will be very helpful to kinesthetic learners because they require practice so that the pieces of information they receive are transferred to long-term memory.


    Humanize Your Courses


    One of the strategies which will make your training courses memorable is implementing emotions to them. People respond to humanized content and you can improve the speed of their learning by introducing a subtle and subliminal symbol of achievement. However, you should be careful with the dose of emotion you incorporate so it’s not distracting. The most efficient symbols you can inweave into your material are those that represent triumph, like a golden cup for example.


    Be a Storyteller


    The fact that you’re creating learning material doesn’t imply that needs to be boring – right on the contrary. Your training doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be dry, so pay attention to your choice of vocabulary. Keep your sentences clear and to the point. Ensure that the terms you use are known to all unless you add a new one by explaining it.


    If you put in your efforts into attempting to sound clever by using big words, you will just drive your audience away because they will be unable to keep track. So, use a conversational tone which is friendly and treat every new piece of material you’re turning into a course like if it were a story that needs to be told.


    Summing up


    By applying these strategies to the creation process of your training courses, you’ll be able to create valuable educational pieces that will boost your audience base. Naturally, you will need a powerful tool to do this, so be careful with your choice of eLearning software. Nevertheless, each of these pointers will help you stand out from the sea of similar businesses and make your training courses memorable.

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