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  • 6 Reasons Why Should We Never Buy Facebook Likes?

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    Digital marketing is enhancing day by day. Everyone wants to flourish their business in the global market through the internet. For this, the businesses try to expand their approach to social media. Many companies are starting out to explore highly popular social media platforms. But unfortunately, they are ignoring to plan a perfect social media strategy. They think that purchasing a bunch of fans will increase their market value. This is just a fake idea. Fanbase in your will social media platform will only be valuable if the fans are real.


    Somehow the new companies are taking social media on a wrong side. They purchase the likes and followers or ask some people to do fake liking or following on their page. Most of the times, people even do not exist who likes these pages to endorse the products. If you are also taking this solution then do read this article and decide once.


    Actually, as it is known to everyone that Facebook has become the most popular social network; people try to promote their online business on it. They follow a common strategy that to promote your page, you need a number of likes to attract more fans to like their page. They do not even bother whether this is a right way or not.


    Here we are going to share four major reasons why we should never buy Facebook Likes?


    Lack of Interaction

    When we buy likes or followers on Facebook, we cannot expect the false fans to interact with the company and new customers. This results in new followers to avoid liking your page. The Facebook algorithm also measures the quality of the post. And this factor effects ranking of post quality and post reach.



    People are grabbing the opportunity to advertise their products and services on this social media. Facebook itself has developed a paid advertising platform. With this, any company can promote their brands through sponsored ads. But if your audience is purchased, how can you be ensured to generate revenue from Facebook.



    People enter their personal details on their Facebook profiles. But when we purchase likes, this particular information is useless. With paid likes, you cannot control the location and interest of the followers. Most of the likes you get through this method will be of different demographics. You cannot focus on your target market.


    Being unauthentic is harmful

    Customers always buy goods from the authentic business. They are so sophisticated in finding genuineness of the seller online easily. So, they go through the previous posts. They will notice when there are thousands of likes and fewer interactions over posts. This hampers your integrity and reputation. Many businesses faced problems while they were following this route. Their strategy is being diluted by all.


    Lose of real fans

    The real fans sometimes get ignored while catching the fake ones. What actually happens is, Facebook realizes that thousands of people are liking your page but are not commenting or sharing. They will clog up this post as there is less space in the newsfeed. Your posts might not show up in the news feeds of your real fans. This will result in a fall in post reach and also will reduce the effectiveness of your Facebook page to generate leads. Your real followers won’t be able to see your posts and may also unlike your page.


    Your account can get banned

    All the Social media platforms prohibit you from purchasing followers and likes. Their algorithms are quite good at identifying any violation of Terms of Services. Your account can get banned as a result of purchasing likes for your Fan page and cause a serious blow to your future marketing campaign.


    After knowing the reasons Why should we never buy Facebook Likes, instead of focusing on purchasing likes, you should plan a strategy to grow your fan base organically. You should publish high quality and engaging post that will encourage real users to interact with your fan page.

    6 Reasons Why Should We Never Buy Facebook Likes?

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