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  • 6 Tips for Improving Your E-Commerce Store Branding

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    If you are an online retailer, you will need to double your efforts not to lose your advantage over the competition. The e-commerce world is getting more and more competitive each day. The pressure is on e-commerce stores to offer benefits similar to those offered by massive companies like Amazon. You must always be looking for new ways to improve your online store. You can look for a Shopify design & development agency to help you sort things out and get a great e-commerce plan. Here are several tips for doing that:



    1.    Sell on Multiple Channels

    Do not limit your sales to just one website. If you want to stay competitive and offer your customers the best options, you will need to sell your inventory on multiple platforms. This means making inventory available on sites like Amazon an eBay. Also, you may need to launch a smartphone app to capitalize on the ever growing and highly lucrative mobile market. Your online visibility across platforms will matter to the brand’s reputation. Eventually, loyal customers will come to your site to make purchases. 


    2.    Be More Efficient with ERP

    Efficiency can be a challenge when selling items online and when having to manage a vast inventory. Things can get even more complicated if you plan to sell wares on different platforms. There’s an easy solution to this: ERP software. This software can make managing inventory more efficient, automate tasks, integrate multiple aspects of business and overall save your business a lot of money. With this software, your business will be in a better position to capitalise on an ever demanding market. 


    3.    Invest in Quality Customer Support

    You must invest in top-notch customer support if you plan on staying in business for years to come. It’s inevitable that your customers will flood you with inquiries, complains, requests and so on. You will need a system in place to respond in a timely manner and without inviting conflict. The best type of customer support for e-commerce sites is live chat. It’s affordable, timely and very effective. However, your online will also need a phone support system for serious inquiries that may require a phone number. 


    4.    Launch a Mobile Marketing Plan 

    The mobile market is currently the most lucrative in terms for online sales. More people are shopping using their smartphones than desktop computers. So, if you want your brand to rise above the rest, your business will need an excellent mobile marketing plan. A mobile strategy typically involved SMS marketing and app development. Start today to build your mobile strategy or risk falling behind the competition. 


    5.    Gather Data with the POS System

    Don’t let your point-of-sales system to grow old and become inefficient. Upgrade it right away so you can gather valuable data that you can use in marketing and customer relations. a good POS system with excellent ERP integration will help your business gather highly refined data. 


    6.    Plan Annual Discounts and Promotions 

    Most customers flock to e-commerce stores for the discounts and promotions, especially on special holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s. Plan these promotions well in advance to offer competitive prices and tempting offers. 


    Follow the above tips and your e-commerce website will be well poised to turn fat profits. 

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