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  • 7 Simple Ways To Instantly Jazz Up Your Brand Feeds On Instagram

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    It is important to design an individual post keeping your entire feed in mind. How your whole feeds- the image lineup looks is important for creating a prospective for a user who visits your account. It is as crucial as editing your posts individually.

    But how do you make your feed look aesthetically pleasing? Do you use a particular color palette or you use a specific filter or what typography you should be using?

    There are various tools like Canva Pro that you can use for branding. Canva is a great tool as it offers a variety of tools to enhance Instagram feed by providing capabilities to select different fonts, brand color palettes, ready to use templates.

    Here are some more ways to jazz up your Instagram feed   

    1.      Select core filters for your feed

    One of the best ways to maintain your feed and make it feel consistent is to select some great filters and stick to them. You can also use a little touch of a single filter on top of all posts to give the feed a unified look.
    You can either use filters that Instagram has; Mayfair is the most used IG filter. Or you can use filters from editing tools like Canva. It has quite a few filters and editing tool, you can use them to give your feed a unique look. 

    2.      Use a color blocking theme

    You don't need to stick to one color theme for your Instagram feed. You can create two-three different color palettes and rotate your posts with that scheme.
    It not only provides consistency to your brand but also gives you enough room to include some creativity to engage more audience.
    For a business dealing in art, lifestyle or creative industry, this feed idea can work wonders. With Canva Mexico template, you get a theme with various color palette options which makes your feed vibrant.

    3.      Your Instagram feed’s colors must be true your brand

    Your brand must have a visual identity like a color scheme, a logo, and a theme, and so on. A brand identity is important as it helps customers remember your brand. Keep this in mind when you are creating a consistent Instagram feed. It should resemble your brand so that people can remember you and you build a reputation for your brand.

    So, when choosing a color palette, make sure it resembles your brand. Make sure all posts have some color that is true to the color scheme you have for your business. 

    4.      Right typography is important too

    To give a consistent feel to your feed, you need to make sure that the font is also uniform or similar in all feeds. The right font with the right image and color scheme is important to give a feeling that all the posts are of the same brand trying to tell a story. 

    5.      Create templates for your brand

    If your business requires you to post a similar type of content often, it is best to make a brand template. Like if you post a lot of quotes or tips or similar types of images, a brand template will give it texture and make it more appealing.

    It also makes the editing process a lot faster and easier. You can mix it up with different typography or color, but with the same brand template, you will be able to provide consistency to your audience.

    6.      Integrate brand images in your feed

    At the core of all marketing and content posting idea for Instagram, is the not-so-hidden agenda of promoting your brand and building its reputation. For that, you need to use your brand identity AKA the logo.
    So, find some way to integrate the logo into your posts. It can be the logo itself or some symbol that represents the logo. It will do three things:
    First, create a consistent feed
    Second, it will help people remember your brand and,
    Third, it will make sure no one copies your content without giving you due credit.

    7.      Make use of a collage

    Another great feed idea is to use collage. It is fun and lets you show multiple images in a single post.
    You can use Instagram’s in-built grid option or use Canva to create a collage and then upload it on IG.
    Which feed idea you like the best? Let me know in the comments.

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