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  • 7 Technologies That Will Change Your Business

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    Every year, new technologies emerge that have the potential to change the business world. While some fade away, others stay and make a huge impact. Knowing which trends to involve your business in and which ones to pass on can be challenging. However, the benefits of upgrading your business can be worthwhile. These are a few technologies that could change how you operate.


    1) Chatbots

    Chatbots are a type of artificial intelligence that can have conversations with your customers. Many years ago, chatbots first emerged onto the scene and were less than convincing. However, today, they are highly effective. They can replicate many of the functions of a customer service representative. Plus, they are faster and have direct access to customer files. In many ways, they can be better than talking with a human. It is a way to always have someone available to chat with customers.


    2) Data Encryption

    Several high-profile data breaches have wreaked havoc in the business world. It seems like there are new examples of lax security leading to major cyber-crimes every year. One of the best ways to protect your data is to encrypt it. Good encryption is nearly impossible to break without having the necessary key. When you defend sensitive information this way, you can be confident that your data will be secure. This can protect you against the liability and brand damage of a breach.


    3) Scheduling Software

    Organizing your team is an important part of running a business. Whether you need to carefully align different activities or simply need to schedule shifts, having the right scheduling software can help. It is a good idea to use industry-specific tools for this. For example,If you have a construction company, you should use construction scheduling software to make everything run smoothly for your business. Finding the right tool can help to keep everyone on the same page. It means that your business can be more organized than ever.


    4) Data Scraping

    Big data plays a huge role in the modern business world. In fact, some companies are built on data-based business models. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help you gather data to make informed decisions for your business. Data scraping is a powerful way to gather information on customers, competitors, market trends and more. It collects and organizes data from websites quickly and efficiently.


    5) Machine Learning

    For a long time, artificial intelligence was mostly the stuff of science fiction. Recent improvements in machine learning have helped to make this technology a reality. Machine learning is an approach to artificial intelligence that emphasizes software that can “learn” through experience and inputs. It can be a very powerful tool. Businesses use machine learning tools to deliver better experiences to customers as well as to improve their operations.


    6) Geo-Fencing

    Geo-fencing is a tool that identifies where an application user is depending. It is sometimes achieved with GPS and other times with beacons. The benefit of this is that you can create systems that are reactive to location. For example, you can record how long a team member is at a certain location. This is great for multi-location organizations such as construction businesses. The technology can also be used to deliver marketing to customers when they are inside a store.


    7) Drones

    Years ago, drone technology was almost exclusively limited to the military. However, new drone designs have emerged onto the market that are within a price range that consumers and businesses can easily afford. They can be used for marketing, event displays, photography, gathering data and much more. They give people an eye in the sky at a reasonable price. There are so many unique ways to use drones to give your business an edge.


    Learn More

    Discover about more upcoming technologies at Read in Brief that can help your business operate more efficiently. The above seven examples could change the way you run your company. The more you delve into the available technologies, the better off you will be.

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