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  • 7 Ways to Make Your Business Franchise More Profitable

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    Financial success is one of the most compelling reasons why entrepreneurs invest in franchises. But earning a promising and fast return on investment is not as easy as you think. Fortunately, there are possible ways to maximize the return on investment in your franchise and to make sure you will earn the amount of profit. Here are the following ways you need to consider.


    1. Start looking for the right opportunity

    While the profit you’ll get in a certain franchise is essential, you also need to ask yourself if you are ‘interested’ in the nature and concept of the franchise business. You need to see yourself working in this kind of working environment that a certain franchise offers. You should ask yourself if you are capable of performing the responsibilities. You may find a very profitable business with the great return on investment but you don’t have the enthusiasm and energy to sell your franchise products or services to a potential client.


    2. Use adequate amount of capital for your business

    In terms of capitalizing your business, the rule of the thumb is to make sure that the amount of investment for every franchise unit is proportionate to its operational costs and value. You can use many ways or approaches to capitalize your business such as using all cash, loans and portion of your cash and leases. In order to assess your business capital, remember that the service costs of leases or loans will affect your budget for other business purposes. A high amount of leverage can be very risky and can be an obstacle in gaining profits.


    3. Reinvesting to achieve the ultimate goal

    Finding a franchise opportunity that matches you, with great potential for a higher return on investment is a great step to attaining your goals. The best part is when you are earning a great amount of profit for the first unit. Now, this is a good sign to acquire additional units to increase your profit and reach your financial goal faster. Some franchisees have preferred reinvestment of their profits and add additional units to meet their financial goals and even earned a higher income than expected.


    4. Following the system

    Unlike an independent business, franchises have a proven system to get the best possible outcome. A successful franchise company has tested the system many times until it became effective to make sales and turn profitable. As a franchisee, what you need to do is to work well according to the system to be successful by the end of the day. Don’t make a major change in the system and you’ll get what you wanted.


    5. Set Reasonable Expectations

    As a business owner, you need to set more realistic and reasonable expectations before getting into franchise ownership. Remember you can’t just get your investment back overnight. Get in touch with franchise brands that you’re interested to working with and learning how fast franchise owners earn a significant amount of profit. Then you can evaluate for yourself if you are ready to wait until you get your desired return on investment.


    6. Partner with an Established Brand

    The number of years that a brand is in business is a good sign that it is working well and profitable. Usually, it’s a good start to find a franchise with an ‘established brand.’ Franchisors with great experience in running the business for a long time are much more knowledgeable on how to deal with the challenges you’ll encounter and help you throughout your journey as a franchisee.  


    7. Ask help from a good accountant

    Taxes are one of the major factors that affect your opportunity to earn a lot of money. Just like any other entrepreneur, you need to find a way to minimize the amount of taxe as much as possible. One way to do this is working with a good accountant. With the help of a competent accountant, you can choose a better classification of your business to avoid multiple taxations of income or duplication of several specific taxes.


    Furthermore, you may also use some techniques to minimize taxes for your business activities such as looking for the right timing of major purchases and investments, or choosing the type of capital structure you’ll use. It’s better to pay for some accounting fees in order to reduce the ‘tax bite’ if you want to earn more profits in your franchise.

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