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  • 8 Best Learning Management Systems for Business

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    A learning management system (LMS) is crucial for the success of a company. E-learning is not just a thing for schools and universities, but it is equally required in the corporate world.


    E-learning is one of the best ways to manage training and educational activities. Companies use LMS products to streamline the training process of their employees.


    There are a number of LMS tools out there that you can use to train your workers. In order to stay ahead in the competition, it makes sense to use one of the best tools for this purpose. Fortunately, there are number of effective learning management systems that can work wonders for training of your subordinates. Some of them deserve a mention here:


    1.     Latitude Learning


    Latitude Learning is one of the best LMS tools that aim to quell the e-learning problems of your workers by simplifying the training sessions. Employees get the chance to work in any location. With this application, you can customize over two dozen email messages.


    You can also create online assessments that include item and distractor randomization.


    2.     Adobe Captivate Prime


    Adobe Captivate Prime is what you need to make and track all the training sessions of your employees. You can enhance the experience by creating skill-based programs. The Fluidic Player allows you to play all kinds of content with ease, as well as permit you to take notes and undertake revision.


    ACP also implements the elements of gamification and mobile learning to create an open and fun environment to learn skills. You can even achieve your business goals faster by developing new skills of your workers. The user interface of this LMS is flat, modern and simple. It takes about 90 minutes to start rolling out courses.


    3.     Absorb


    Absorb is one LMS tool that both teachers and learners can appreciate. It is not only useful, but it also has an intuitive interface. This is the best alternative for those who are sick of using slow and outdated learning management systems. With this high-tech app, you can get access to your resources from any device.


    Additionally, you will not have a hard time trying to learn the product as it comes with a simple user interface, allowing you to focus on the course material. You will be getting a higher return on your investment (ROI) with this LMS. Every dollar you invest in it will make it worth your while.


    4.     Litmos


    With a very flat and sleek user interface, Litmos is probably the easiest LMS you can use in the world. With over 3 million users (mostly the enterprises), Litmos is the right fit for just about any business in the market. Let your employees enjoy a comfortable learning experience on any device.


    Give your customers the service they need by allowing them to access and learn about your core products in a matter of minutes.


    5.     Grovo


    With Grovo, you finally have a way to give the right training to your employees. Grovo makes use of short learning moments, also known as microlearning, which teaches your employees the right kind of topics. In this way, they produce better results and help your business stand out.


    Not only are you able to bring out the best from your team, but also delegates them projects that suit their personalities best. Using this LMS tool, you get access to thousands of video lessons on hundreds of topics such as management, soft skills and digital tools to name a few.


    6.     Docebo


    Docebo is your ticket to training customers, employees and partners from all over the world. It enables you to infuse formal and informal learning. It gives you the power to track, organize and distribute online courses for training your employees.


    Allow your employees to ask questions and then get the answers from your in-house subject matter experts. Offer them informal learning to help them get timely information whenever they need.


    Get user-generated knowledge from your experts, validate through peer-review and then share it with all the teams.


    7.     NEO


    This awesome LMS allows you to conduct classes without any hurdles. Using this application, you can arrange classes that your students will always enjoy. It has an elegant user interface. It satisfies the needs of the users and allows for a more enjoyable experience.


    8.     Geenio


    Here’s your chance to make a learning environment that will complement company’s size and culture. You can ensure that your sales and customer support staff stay ahead in the game and they can contribute to better sales of your products.


    With this fantastic app, you can show to ensure loyalty of your valued staff. Create efficient sales channels more quickly by educating your partners on how to work with your products.


    The aforementioned are some of the best LMS tools to train your employees. So here’s your chance to make your mark in your business and get the most out of your workers to stay ahead in the competition.



    Author Bio: Anna Marsh works as a corporate trainer for Essay Help Deal. She is also a blogger who takes out the time to share her knowledge and expertise in corporate training. You can follow her on Facebook | Twitter | Google+.

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  • Here’s your chance to make a learning environment that will complement company’s size and culture. You can ensure that your sales and customer support staff stay ahead in the game and they can contribute to better sales of your products.
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