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  • A Real Animated Story :)

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    Cartoon, a sophisticated creation yet simple character to define and understand that has artificial emotions incorporated in it. They can make us smile, laugh, weep or cry. They have the kind of power that brings out the emotions residing inside us.

    We were little when our deep relation with cartoons spawned. Spending hours watching the animated characters doing funny activities, seeing them making weird moves that makes us laugh, keeping all the works aside and watching every single episode in lieu of completing the homework and seeing them running all day long :-)

    Cartoons have always been an enjoyment and relaxation. The humour they create can release any kind of stress generated as a result of daily working hours, Like one can never get tired of watching Tom & Jerry :-) Every time it plays, it creates the same humour and a louder laugh than before.

    But a person sitting on the either side television isn't familiar that how difficult it is for the creator to direct a well going soothing animation. Firstly,

    -the set has to be suitable, the place where the particular scene has to be framed out.


    - the character has to be well designed. Sketched in such a way that every kind of feeling is properly ejected into it. One has to be a master in arts of course!

    Lastly & most importantly

    • it has to be properly animated. Animated in such a way that human eyes can barely notice the difference in the next frame or any movement. The Illusion created is not supposed to be flickering in any way.

    We have softwares that help us create simple, basic and dynamic animations at the same time like Photoshop, Image Ready and Flash. We create artworks, move by move and place them in such a way that it creates an illusion of movement. May be a person is able to draw astonishing artworks like Leonardo and Michelangelo but it is like working in a Twilight Zone to draw a character, then projecting emotions and making it move smoothly within 24 frames per sec at the same time (A change in movement 24 times within a sec).

    We have application mediums that creates 3D cartoons as well now ! Helping us to draw a live character and smooth animations in no time :-P (However 2D cannot be neglected, a light humour that it creates and brings a sweet smile on our faces cannot be forgotten)


    I hardly watched cartoons, was much into study and parents were too strict. Even Sunday's when I would jump off the bed shouting and excited to watch cartoon shows, Mother would say : HISTORY! that's what you are supposed to watch :-D ..


    Eventually a thought got struck in my mind : "How these characters are created and how are they able to move?"

    Then gradually I realized people (including me), laughing over the animated incidents on TV and hardly admiring the artists behind them.

    Soon came the time when I completely went into it and emerged as a graphic designer cum animator and still trying to be the best :-P I really never thought that I would be creating cartoons for my living! but now it seems like fun. Drawing characters,creating short stories and then smiling over them!

    Thanks to people who loved cartoon animation and motivated us in a way to keep this art form "Alive"

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