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  • Best 6 Important Skills You Should Look For In System Administrators.

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    Nowadays most of the businesses are looking for system administrators for maintaining and operating the computer systems in an office network. A system centre configuration manager or a system administrator should be able to manage and maintain all type of situations of a fully functional computer network at any moment. The system administrators avg salary is $60,000 per annum. The Professionals who have certified in the technologies such as Puppet, SALTSTACK Configuration Tool, SCCM, etc. have massive demand across the globe. One of these SCCM certification makes you a professional and helps in achieving a good paycheck. The company decision makers would often check the all relevant skills of a person before hiring as a system administrator.  So it is very essential to have the skills to win the minds of recruiters. Let’s discuss each skill in detail below. 


    Top 6 essential skills for a System Administrator

    When you apply for a system admin post the below-mentioned skills are what the recruiters are looking for in a candidate.


    Networking skills

    Networking skills are the main important part of a system administrator. The crucial thing of a system administrator is able to maintain contacts. The system administrator keeps maintaining good relations to all stakeholders in the company. If there is any issue or outage in the system arises, then he needs to contact the concerned person in time and fix the problem in a span of time.


    Technical Skills

    The technical skills are given high priority because it makes a person better than others. An administrator who constantly strives to improve his skills would be the greatest assets for the company's growth. People who have certified in technologies like SCCM are given high importance than those who don’t.


    Capability to Work under Pressure

    The system administration role is associated with many number of responsibilities. He should be able to work under different conditions because we never know what happens to the system or to the network. He is not only to fix the system’s but also responsible for taking care of the worst situations. During any system failure or interruption, if company losses any revenue then this credits to the inefficiency of the system administrators. To prevent the organisations from all types of disasters, the system administrators should be active and be ready with an anti-disaster plan. The administrator will have an ability to think about all the possibilities, is an essential way and it helps in his career growth.  


    Good Interaction Skills    

    Interaction skill is very important for the system administrator role. Because he has to be in touch with different people in the organization such as superiors, juniors, and customers etc,. This made the interaction skills for the system administrator role is very important. Without these skills, it is very hard for a system administrator to manage the complicated tasks.


    Learning and Writing Skills

    System administrators should be updated on current skills. As an administrator, he has to handle the issues and is ready to understand all new concepts and deliver the solutions at the earliest possible time. Along with this system administrator should be good at writing and IT documentation. With it, the task of learning the system related issue becomes pretty easy.


    Analytical Skills

    Analytical skills are fundamental for the system administrator role. It involves evaluation, analysis, reasoning, etc. System admin should be able to see the situations from all four corners and be able to find a better solution. By using the available resources, they achieve acceptable outcomes and line up the company objectives.


    Aids of SCCM

    Microsoft System Center Configuration is one of the best tools for system administrators. Today most of the organisations use SCCM, and a system administrator should sharpen his skills by using this tool. SCCM offers a set of administrative tools for management console those are

    • Deploying software.
    • Protecting data.


    Executing compliance across all systems in organizations

    With SCCM certification Manager you can :

    • Execute Endpoint protection.
    • Preserve the configuration site.
    • Monitor and configure the hardware and software by using metering and asset intelligence.
    • Keep software updates for systems.
    • Organize the infrastructure and integrate Microsoft server exchange with mobile-device management.


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