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  • Build Strong Customer Relations Through Social Media Marketing

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    The success of every single business depends on well-established and long-term customer relationships. Now, here comes the need of skilled marketing team. Team? Yes, you need a team to market your brand; including digital marketing manager, SEO marketer, social media expert, outbound, and email marketing expert, etc.


    It is imperative to have a team of experts to handle your marketing chores and provide impeccable services and customer support to develop loyal consumer base. However, startup businesses prioritize things differently. They usually get the marketing experts on board in the end; after setting up all other departments. Besides human resource, new and small businesses tend to allocate minimum capital for marketing as a customer engagement resource. To be honest, it’s not a big deal if you plan well.


    Invest in Social Media Marketing:

    Kick off your brand marketing through social media if your budget is on margin. It is a remarkable medium to attract and engage the target audience. It's affordable to hire a social media agency, Abu Dhabi to create and manage your social media accounts – mandatory for creditable branding, user engagement, and customer relations.


    Social media success isn’t something that you can do by reading books. You need practical measures to strategize your social media campaign and in-depth experience to get what you want.


    Statistics reveal the use of mobile devices significantly increased in the past few years. People can forget about anything, but not the mobile phones as it became their primary mode of communication in today’s digital age. Likewise, social media is taking over the people’s lives. Hence, it is near to impossible to plan, develop and execute a coherent marketing campaign without incorporating social media channels.


    Social media networking sites play a significant role in reaching out potential customers, creating an impact and converting the possible leads into sales – improved ROI. 


    Top 10 Factual and Achievable Goals to Follow


    Set realistic goals and expectations if you don’t want your brand worth choke to death. Develop long-term campaigns for preferred social networking mediums. 

    1. Remember, the audience comes first. Give them something valuable to interact with.
    2. Make the perfect use of timings. Publish your posts according to the time zone of your target audience, not yours.
    3. Perform extensive market research. Look for the pain points of your target consumers and deliver them the solutions accordingly.
    4. Do social media analysis of your competitors and see the loopholes. Fill the gaps to attract people toward your brand.
    5. Engage a graphic designer to create original, trendy and vibrant social media images.
    6. Use the images that enhance the connectivity between the target audience and your brand.
    7. Do not bombard the audience with your product promotions; offer them what they like the most. Ask them for their timely and regular feedback.
    8. Give substantial importance to social media insights; the post reach and engagement, etc., statistics will provide you the glimpse of users’ interest, aiding to generate the social media calendar accordingly. 
    9. Keep the selling voice low while pitching for your products and services; focus more on the benefits part and what makes them different from others.
    10. For improved user response, pay proper attention to right demographics referring to your target audience. 


    This ten-point checklist will primarily help you in building strong customer relations besides creating brand awareness through social media marketing. After that comes the SEO marketing, for which you can consult any SEO agency for more relevant and well-informed branding campaign.


    About Author: 

    Kate Johnson, a digital marketing expert, currently working with a social media agency, Abu Dhabi. She loves to write on SEO, SMM and other marketing topics.

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