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  • Effective Ways to Double Your Traffic through Social Media Sites

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    Today's businesses are aware of the power of social media. They know that sharing content on the various social media channels can bring their business and website a lot of limelight and exposure. However, not everyone is convinced, and these companies shy away from exploring the potential of social media marketing. If you have been trying to improve your website traffic, try tapping into the power of SMM. However, before you begin, take a look at the following tips.


    Social sharing to enhance traffic


    Promoting recently posted content is necessary for success. If you have published a blog on your website, share it through various social media platforms right away. You stand to gain a higher number of clicks and visits by sharing content on multiple platforms at once. Re-sharing old articles is also a great idea.


    • So, what happens if you share a link for the second time?
    • Is there a chance to again double the traffic with this effort?


    The answer is no. You cannot share the same content over and again and expect it to increase traffic. You can see various hypothetical examples to prove or disprove this theory, but the actual question is whether it is beneficial to share content more than once.


    Many experts say that sharing your content more than once on social media can trigger some strong reactions. Some marketers do not mind sharing the same content more than once, but it is hard to argue what sort of results their efforts will bring.


    Do not be a spammer


    While posting frequently may lead to some additional traffic over a short period, it is not an ideal practice for the marketers to always try. As a rule of thumb, if you share too much, and most of them are irrelevant, people may ultimately tend to ignore your posts, and some may even tend to unfollow you. If you are planning to share content through social media, here are some ground-level rules from Gramista experts which you need to abide by.


    • Always consider your follower group. Remember that your posts on social platforms are meant for them and not for to you.
    • Do not spam your followers' feeds with several posts a day. Stick to a smart and balanced schedule.
    • Always deliver value. Promoting content more than once is a good thing, but it is only beneficial as long as you always provide value to your target audience.


    If you follow these simple rules, you can successfully establish a strong base for your content sharing efforts through social media and enjoy benefits.


    How to share content?


    Step #1 - Plan a schedule for sharing


    To share your content on social media multiple times, you need to stick to a particular timetable. It needs to be prepared based on specific guidelines and the type of content you want to share through each network. The schedule should provide you convincing answers for the questions like:


    • What sort of content is acceptable to your target group?
    • If there any specific time of the day or day of the week which you need to stick to?
    • How long will your content remain fresh and safe?
    • How much time do you need to wait between posting each new message on different media?
    • What are some ways you can create a variety of social sharing schedules?


    A few guidelines for scheduling posts are:


    • On publish – Social media messages sent instantly of a live blog post.
    • Same day – Over the next 2 to 3 hours of posting when the first social messages automatically trickle out.
    • Next day – Using appropriate channels to share again.
    • In a week – A series of pre-scheduled messages sent on the very next week.
    • In a month – More posts and messages which are pre-scheduled for the next month.


    You can also plan for scheduling additional message on the three and six-month marks or beyond.


    Step #2 – Don’t share the same message again


    It is vital when it comes to segregating yourself from spammers. You should not sound monotonous to your followers. Most of us simply share the title of a post, link to it, and a few popular hashtags to reach to it. It needs to be rearranged intelligently each time when we share to break the monotony.


    The ideal strategy is to add some pull-quotes from the same post itself. You can also try asking some questions which are engaging to the users and stir conversation. Marketers can also think creatively to:


    • Try and share authentic info about something
    • A catchy quote in your post to draw attention
    • Prepare an additional teaser message which grabs instant attention


    Step #3 - Optimize your content and monitor results


    Each social network handles text and images differently. Try to prepare the same content in different ways for each platform to provide optimum content value based on the specifics. For example, Google+ may allow you to add longer copies and the basic markdown text. On the other hand, Twitter has a character limit that you need to stick to when publishing posts. On Facebook, image content gets more attention than text-based content.


    Similar to the sharing conventions, it is also important to keep a close watch on your results to ensure that your social media marketing strategy really works the way you want it to. Some of the factors that you need look out for include:


    • Any increase or decrease in the post activity
    • Negative comments or feedback from your audience
    • Fading interest in your posts and content


    Doubling the traffic is very much possible if you stick to the above methodologies while sharing content over social media. However, this is not an overnight achievement to be made unless and until a specific piece of content you share goes viral. As in the case of any other digital marketing strategy, you need to be watchful and persistent to grab the desired success in social media content marketing.

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