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  • Give Them a Goal: Actionable 8 Tips for Creating a Persuasive Call-to-Action

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    Consumers face calls-to-action all the time. The classic “Sign up” or “Buy now” messages are so obvious that they've practically lost their meaning. If your landing page converts few leads, you're probably dealing with a weak call-to-action.

    Here are 8 tips to help you create a CTA that gets you real results.


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    1. Your CTA needs to be clickable


    The clickability of your CTA button is key to its performance. And that means more than picking the right color. Consider the shape of your button. CTAs are often circular or rectangular. They usually have strong borders and pop out on the page. You can also experiment with a shadowing effect. A clickable CTA doesn't dominate the page, but it's clear and visible to visitors who instantly see where they're supposed to click in order to benefit from your offer.


    2. Choose the right color


    Orange and red are considered to be most effective for attracting the attention of visitors. But that doesn't mean you should always pick one of such strong colors. Your choice should be dictated by your goal. While red works great if you'd like to announce a sale, blue is a far better choice when asking visitors to sign up. Don't forget that the color of your button should match the background and the overall design of your page. You don't want visitors to deal with a cluttered website.


    3. Place your CTA in the right location


    The visuals included on your page should guide the gaze of visitors. First, let them understand your offer and then lead them to your CTA. Create this type of vision tunnel and your CTA is bound to generate more conversions. Make sure to test your page with a heatmap tool to learn where users are looking and how to direct their gaze straight to your CTA.


    4. Write your message using active verbs


    Your CTA needs a strong message. Use motion-oriented verbs like discover, get, buy, order, subscribe, or learn.

    Always use active verbs. Get is an excellent example – it's universal, short, and understandable to everyone.


    5. Be clear about your value


    Crafting your CTA message, make sure that you're offering a clear value proposition. For example, if your page is about a free e-book, visitors should have no doubt that clicking the CTA will lead them to the product. Make sure that your message is clear. Indicate the type of action visitors will need to take to benefit from what you're offering them in return. It's best to work with two alternative versions and check which one engages and coverts more consumers through A/B testing.


    6. Have multiple CTAs


    Why have only one CTA on your page? Many marketers forget that a single page can include more than one CTA. And that's a mistake Multiple CTAs offer more opportunities for converting leads.

    If you plan to include more than one CTA, make sure that they're not competing with each other for consumers' attention. You don't want to confuse visitors at this point in the purchasing funnel.


    7. Focus on building trust


    Trust is the building block of conversion. If you include trust signals on your landing page, you can be sure that your CTAs will have a higher click-through rate. And it's not hard to instill a sense of trust in your visitors. Add a message about the possibility of unsubscribing any time to your Subscribe CTA.

    You can also say that you won't be asking for their credit card details.


    8. Rely on consumer curiosity


    Marketers often overlook the power of consumer curiosity. They're missing out on a huge opportunity. Curiosity works wonders in making the first steps towards converting leads. This research study shows that curiosity is invaluable to learning more about a given topic. If you'd like your visitors to become more engaged in your product, you need to spark their curiosity.

    Create a message that makes consumers curious about the product waiting on the other side of a CTA. For example, tell them what you do and what kind of results you get. But don't share all the details – allow them to discover more once they click on your CTA.


    Key takeaway


    A great CTA will boost your chances at getting higher click-through rate and converting more leads.

    That's why you should include a well-crafted CTA with a strong message that attracts the attention of your visitors.

    With the right CTA, you're bound to generate more sales than ever.


    Simone Cormack works at Zintel, where she shares the duties of a Communications Specialist and a content creator. Constantly on the lookout for new ways of reaching audience, Simone often shares her ideas with other experts.

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