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  • How Artificial Intelligence is Boosting eCommerce Industry

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    There was a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) sounded pretty scary, with people spreading rumors that it was going to take over the world and make the human race extinct! In 2018, however, AI has appeared eCommerce-friendly and you can use it to propel your store forward.


    It’s true. AI is being used by store owners just like you to improve customer service, beef up security and ultimately boost sales.



    How so? In a very brief nutshell, AI learns how to do certain tasks better and faster than us. And it doesn’t stop learning; it keeps on developing until it’s near perfect.


    How can you get in on this technology? Let’s take a look!


    Artificial Intelligence Knows Your Customers Well

    In 2018, customers are a bit fed up of being targeted with the wrong kind of emails.


    Picture it: A customer makes a purchase, subscribes to your email list and then gets bombarded with loads of totally irrelevant emails that are unrelated to their purchase.


    It’s the same when they visit your site a second time. They’re bombarded with products they have no interest in. They lose out and so do you.


    “Well, yeah,” you might say. “But I’m not a mind reader, am I? I don’t know exactly what each customer wants.”


    Nope – but AI does.


    AI uses something called predictive analytics to learn a heap about each customer that comes into your store. It can then present them with products and deals they’ll be interested in.


    Amazon does this. Each time you visit Amazon, ever noticed how they always seem to target you with stuff you want? This is AI at work. It benefits the customer and it also benefits you because you’re far likelier to make a sale if you’re presenting people with products they’ll actually be interested in.


    Artificial Intelligence and Inventory Management

    Inventory – it’s a bit of a pain, isn’t it? Whether you’ve got an overstock or an understock, managing your inventory is just one big hassle.


    It might only be 2018 but AI has already saved the day where inventory management is concerned.


    AI uses predictive analytics to help you make better forecasts in regards future demands so that you avoid overstocks. It can also make accurate predictions about real-time inventory needs for online stores so that you aren’t stuck with stock that isn’t selling. To get this functionality work flawlessly on an e-commerce site, app development companies india agencies are working hard to implement these with the help of their professional development team.



    These are the ways that AI can propel your e-commerce store forward. Staying ahead of the curve online is all about keeping up with trends and AI is a big one right now. The best thing is that it makes your life so much easier. So why wouldn’t you make good use of robots?

    How Artificial Intelligence is Boosting eCommerce Industry

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