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  • How Technology Is Driving Growth in Gaming

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    The gaming industry is expected to reach $180.1 billion by 2021, and over 2.5 billion people all over the world admit to playing video games. For the past decade or so, the industry has been growing and evolving, giving us masterpiece after masterpiece and keeping us, gamers, in contact with each other.



    But none of this could have been possible without the technological developments that further drive the creative side of the gaming industry! Without proper tools, developers can’t create the worlds we love to explore, which is why today we’re going to talk about the booster behind games; aka technology.  

    Virtual & Augmented Reality

    A few years back, we could only dream about exploring the worlds we used to see in 2D on our screens while playing video games. But, with the development of VR technology and mobile devices, we now can play games like Pokemon Go and fight space battles as one of the characters.


    VR technology still needs to grow, but we’ve reached a point where game developers are free to dream about bigger and nicer things. And all of this is possible because the technology has gotten smaller, faster, cheaper, and easier to wear and use.

    Mobile Technology and 5G Networks

    Our smartphones and tablets are smarter than ever, and they will continue to improve as the technology gets better. This opened the door to mobile gaming and entertainment, which has become one of the strongest niches of the industry.


    A great example comes from the online gambling industry, where sites like Casumo are popular among players who don’t have the time or means to visit a brick and mortar casino. Nowadays, many are one click away from betting on a sports event or joining in a casino game that’s being streamed from a real-life casino.


    Furthermore, 5G networks promise new developments such as holographic video calls, to make the experience of online gambling more immersive.  

    Streaming Platforms

    The development of esports and esports events could not have been possible without game streaming platforms such as Twitch and Alphabet!


    Just like TV helped the sports industry broadcast major events at a global scale, the new technology and devices allowed the gaming industry to find a new path to reach their fans. But these platforms are not just for esports!


    Gamers enjoy watching their favorite celebrities play games and even have personal channels, where others can watch them play. As a result, popular games get a lot more coverage, which is a huge boost to the entire industry.

    Faster PCs and Consoles

    When it comes to how technology is driving the gaming industry, we cannot ignore the effect of better PCs and consoles!


    Faster processors, better video cards, and more efficient cooling systems allowed developers to create better graphics, with more life-like movements. Furthermore, the controls and accessories industry brings just as much growth towards games and gamers, attracting even users who are not truly passionate in the beginning.

    Wrap Up

    Overall, technology development is the main driver behind the recent explosion of the gaming industry, and it will continue to grow as long as new tech is being created. But we’re also noticing a shift in perception as the new generation of parents is more pro video games than the older ones.


    People consider gaming a way of entertainment, so it has a more natural place in their lives, right up there with movies and social media. As such, easy access to modern technology is also shaping the way we think about our free time, which is a wonderful opportunity for growth at an individual level.

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