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  • How-to : Getting To 100 Followers on Instagram

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    Courtesy:Ready made [Pexels]


    Instagram was once a simple app. You took a photo, applied a filter, and then posted it for the few people who followed you to see.


    Today, This isn't the case anymore.


    Instagram now has a plethora of options, ranging from automation to stunning filters. 


    In fact, when Snapchat began garnering millions of users through their filters and apps like tik tok began using short videos, Instagram was quick to follow suit.


    As newbies on the gram, the prospect of selling your products on a platform with such great prospects for brands is exciting. But there's a catch: you need to get followers first.


    The million-dollar question remains, how do you get your first 100 Instagram followers on the gram?


    The truth is, the internet is filled with a lot of advice. However, most of these strategies work best with larger accounts. They're more difficult to implement if you only have a few followers. 


    People don't pay attention to small accounts; thus, getting the first 100 followers on any social media platform is usually difficult.


    Still, if you are starting on Instagram and need to get your first 100 followers quickly, there's a way. In this post, we show you how.


    #1. Join Instagram Engagement Groups

    Courtesy: Nubelson Fernandez [Unsplash]

    This is one thing people who gain a large number of Instagram followers do differently— they become members of engagement groups 


    There are engagement groups for different niches, including beauty, travel, fashion, and other topics.


    While it may be tempting to join the most popular Instagram engagement groups, the truth is that sticking to your industry will help you get a better-tailored list of Instagram followers.


    While this tactic may not result in immediate sales, it does help you establish credibility early. When your Instagram page has only a handful of followers, other people will be reluctant to follow you


    Keep in mind that this is more of a short-term strategy for your first few weeks on Instagram. It's not effective as a long-term strategy for gaining loyal Instagram followers.


    #2. Learn How The Algorithm Works

    Courtesy: Christian Diaz[ Pexels]

    Recently, when Instagram switched from a chronological feed to a ranked timeline, it generated a lot of buzz and uncertainty. 


    This was because people were unfamiliar with the change. However, if you take the pain to learn how the algorithm works, you'll be head and shoulders above your counterparts.


    That said, six factors determine what shows up on a person's timeline. They are: Interest, timeliness, relationship, frequency, following, and usage. Let's break these down further.


    • Interest: If someone has shown interest in a particular kind of post before, Instagram will likely recommend a similar post to them next time. 
    • Timeliness: People are likely to see your post when it's posted when they're online.
    • Relationship: People tend to see posts from those with whom they engage or interact the most.
    • Frequency: Those who post often have a higher chance of reaching more people.
    • Following: Most people usually get posts from the accounts they follow.
    • Usage: The more a person uses the Instagram app, the more posts they'll see.


    #3. Post Consistently

    Courtesy: Cotton Bro [Pexels]

    Brands that release a regular flow of Instagram posts get the best results in terms of followers and likes. This simply shows that consistency is key. 


    Besides, according to a study,  profiles that post daily gain Instagram followers faster than those that post less frequently. 


    Now, while this is true, it is also of utmost importance that one dishes out quality content that will always cause one's followers to engage. 


    So, how many times should you post per day? Well, posting a minimum of 2 times daily will increase your chances of getting your first 100 followers quickly.


    Too busy to post that often? Don't worry. Thankfully, there are content scheduling tools that make the job easy for us.


    #4. Experiment With Different Content Types

    Courtesy: Georgia de Lotz [Unsplash]

    Instagram has evolved from being just a picture social media app. The app has seen lots of innovations over the years. Therefore, it is only wise that you tap into it. 


    Jazzing up your Insta contents with different content types allows you to reach people with different preferences. Meanwhile, this extended reach helps to boost your Instagram followers and engagements.


    Many studies have revealed what the average engagement rate is for each content type. Some have even argued for one over the other. However, the best strategy is to use a variety of content types. 


    Each content type has its own advantage, which you should tap into. These different content types are:

    • Instagram Reels


    This content type gives users an edge. Why? Because Instagram has decided to promote the reel feature more. As such, they make reels more visible to their users.


    Reels are also two times larger than photos on the Explore page. Since more than 200 million users search through the Explore page daily, it will be profitable for you to tap into this enormous pull.

    • Instagram TV(IGTV):


    Instagram TV appears four times larger than photos on the Explore page. This format is ideal for you if you have long-form videos to share.


    • Instagram stories 

    57% of brands believe that Instagram stories have been somewhat effective in their social media strategy. Though Instagram stories last for only 24 hours before they disappear, users find them engaging. As such, stories do well. 


    • Carousel Posts: 

    This feature allows you to post up to 10 images/videos in a single post. Instagram carousel boasts the highest engagements of all post types. Carousels are a lead to longer forms of content such as blogs. Plus, it lets you use text, images, photos, videos, or a mix of everything in one themed post. 


    #5. Find Your Unique Voice

    Humans are different and unique. People know this, so they always watch out for your peculiarities when going through your profile.


    As such, if you want to get followers on your Instagram, make sure you find your unique voice. Let your brand personality shine through in every post. 


    Your uniqueness will go a long way in separating you from your competition and help you get the target audience you need. 


    There are two major questions you need to ask yourself when developing your unique voice: 

    • What do you want your tone to be? Do you want to be funny? Informative? Cynical? Playful? Educative?
    • What topics do you address with your Instagram content, and what solutions are you providing?


    #6. Leverage Small Influencers

    If you have customers' images in your feed, you'll have an easier time gaining Instagram followers when you're just starting out. Why? Pictures like this contribute to the development of social proof by creating hype around your startup.


    If this is not possible for you, you can work with influencers in your niche with less than 5,000 followers 


    Although the number may appear small, influencers with a little following on Instagram are eager to monetize their profiles and will be willing to shoot photos with your products for a much cheaper fee.


    You can also offer them an affiliate program in which they will receive a commission for each sale made through their client referral link.


    7. Engagement is Crucial

    The major reason you are on this platform is to connect with people. Once you start losing this bigger picture, you will encounter many problems. 


    You're not on Instagram to get likes and comments. Those are secondary. You are there to engage with your target audience, who you hope become your customers long-term. And to achieve this, you must interact with them.


    Ask questions and be there to answer theirs. By doing this, you'll keep a follower or, at least, get a new one. 


    Encourage people to tag their friends. This will give you a much wider reach and get your brand noticed in a much wider space. 


    Final Words

    While posting your photos, remember that Nice photos catch people's attention. However, great Instagram captions keep it. So learn to make your captions as persuasive as possible. Tweak to capture attention and provide extreme value.


    Remember to be consistent, even when it doesn't seem like your efforts are rewarded. In no time, you'll have a flock of followers gushing to your profile

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