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  • How to Make Your Brand Popular Over the Internet

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    Unique make-up tutorial of 17-years-old high school student, James Charles; 47-years-old father named Chris Martin’s recreation of his daughter’s sexy selfies; undecided voter Ken Bone’s red sweater at presidential nominee; mom of five kids spending $55,000 on plastic surgery to look like a human Barbie; “Damn, Daniel!”, and the list goes on. These are all internet stars who got famous just through their pictures, videos, and tweets and made big waves within the online communities. Even the famous multi-millionaire singer Justin Bieber was once YouTube artist before being discovered by Scooter Braun in 2007. Be it a make-up artist, a comedian or just a #relatable teen – they all have one thing in common: The Internet!


    Some of them dreamed to become famous one day, some always craved for the spotlight, while some just got some attention and became viral. These digital-first stars have thousands and millions of followers on the various social platforms from across the globe, and some are now even making thousands of dollars on a single post that's sponsored by brands. So if you have a different tactic and that marvelous style, this powerful tool of internet can turn you into a superstar overnight. Read on to find out how to become an internet star and become famous in a snap of finger.


    Recognize what makes you extraordinary


    The first step to becoming Internet-famous, according to famous people, is recognizing what makes you extraordinary. Determine what you are good at and create a strategy based on your skills. Follow famous internet celebrities and monitor their activities, this will give you an idea about their tactics. If you think your life is interesting, you can post every tiny detail and happening in your life on Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. You can take the example of Nash Grier, he gained popularity by posting silly six-seconds loops on Vine. He got the attention among girls aging 12-21 years and now he has over 12 million followers on Vine. If you can’t think of anything that you are good at, you can do things that interest you. For instance, you like to shop, you can post pictures and videos of clothes and other things on social media profile while shopping, just keep in mid to keep your posts public so it can reach to a larger number of audience.


    Register on maximum social media platforms


    Choose different social media platforms that you thing you can update religiously. Always give people an easy way to follow you by maintaining your profile settings. Know your target audience and choose the right platform. If you want to target older audience, platform like Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal, likewise, if your audience is younger generation so Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are the best.

    Use #hashtags


    Hashtags helps your post to reach the maximum number of audience and create fans. For example, if you are using Vlog or Instagram and want to post about the amazing chocolate dessert topped with strawberry that you just made, you might want to use hashtags #sweet #sweettooth or even #foodporn.


    Create interesting content


    Try creating the most interesting content that you possibly can. Post about trending things. Posting things that people are uninterested in may cause fans to unsubscribe or unfollow you. Always use latest gadgets that provides the best quality, for instance, if you want to post a video, use a good phone or a DSLR. People are more interested in content that has good quality.

    Don’t give up


    Some people think that it is easy to become famous. Well, it is not if you are not lucky. Sometimes it takes time and effort to become famous on internet. If you are producing good content that it is not necessary to see a reward instantly. Sometimes it takes years of hard work to stand out and become famous. Key is to keep try and not to stand up every time you fall. 



    Morgan Alex is a digital content producer and developer who works in US-Based Digital marketing agency. She is like to help others and is the mastermind behind harvard bibliography generator. She loves to play online games and reading books and she is love travelling.


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