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  • How to Unlock an iPad, iPhone or iPod?

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    Go through this article for unlocking any of the iOS devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad in many situations. Such situations incorporate resetting password protected device. Such devices which can't be accessed by you either the users recognise the password.


    Source:- Brother Printer Support


    With the help of iTunes, resetting password protected iOS Device


    1.     Attach iOS device cable to the device and the computer

            The larger end of the rectangular port goes to your computer’s side.

            The tiny one fits to charging port on the gadget.

            Restore it from a backup if you have forgotten passcode of your device.

            Next, to the USB ports, there is a three-pronged icon.

            Proceed to the iCloud method if your system doesn’t have USB ports.


    2.     Go to iTunes when it can’t open itself

            It will depend on your computer model.

            Users need to confirm that you have to open go to iTunes after you auto attach your phone.


    3.     Wait till your device get synced to iTunes

            At the top of iTunes, there will be a bar saying Syncing owner’s name iPhone or some similar thing.

            Get started with the reset process once you are done with connecting.


    4.     Tap the icon Device

            It would resemble an iPhone, and it will be located beneath the Account tab.


    5.     Tap Back Up Now

            Users will see this under the Backups section.

            Although it is purely optional, do this to ensure that the data is up to date whenever you restore from any backup point.

            If the auto backs ups are enabled, then you don’t have any need to back up again.

            Under the Backups section, see the date of latest backup.

            While backing up your phone, there will be two location options.

            iCloud will backup your phone to the iCloud account.

            Your data will be saved from your phone to your current computer.


    6.     Tap Restore Device

            You will find this at the head of the "iTunes page".

            Device world would be replaced through the designation of your device.

            If the "Find my iPhone" is enabled then "iTunes" would notify you to impair it before you reinstate it. To do this:

            Go to your iOS Settings.

            Scroll down.

            Click iCloud.

            Scroll down again.

            Choose Find My iPhone.

            Slide the switch that is next to Find My iPhone.


    7.     Tap Restore and Update for confirming your decision.

            Go through the info on pop up before you continue.

            Now you will be aware of what you need to assume when you reestablish the gadget.


    8.     Tap Next


    9.     Tap Agree

            It will start the process of restoration.

            Taping Agree means that you have acknowledged not to make Apple accountable for whatever data loss.


    10.     Wait until your Reset gets finished.


    11.     Choose a point of Restore.

            There will be a section named, restore from this backup. You will find the option there.

            Click bar with iOS device name in it.

            Below the bar, there will be a date and location of the chosen backup.

            For best results, choose the recent one.

            Next, to restore from this backup, there will be a circle. Tap it.


    12. Tap Continue for initiating restoration.

            iTunes will start the recovery of the device.

            The process will take for more than half an hour depending upon the data.

            At the bottom of restoration, there will be Time remaining value.


    13Wait till your iOS gets Reboot.


    •     There will be a Hello text when the restoration would get complete.


    14.     Tap the Home button

    •     The passcode would get removed because of the backup. Tap the Home button to unlock the phone.

    •     New Passcode can be added to the phone.

    •     You can do this by going to the Touch ID and Passcode section.


    15.     Write your "Apple ID password."

    •     Data on your phone will get restored.

    •     Some additional time will be required for the operation of your phone’s app.


    Johnson Jack is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on Brother Printer Support and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

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