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  • How to Wisely Invest in Blockchain Based Cryptocurrencies?

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    Current volumes of online trading that involve cryptocurrencies has long caught up with the volumes of the New York Stock Exchange. Even the most stubborn skeptics recognize their short-sightedness in ignoring new investment tools.


    The rules of the game on the cryptocurrency exchange are identical to the traditional exchanges. Anyone who knows how to trade stocks can become a successful crypto-trader and invest in the cryptocurrency.


    According to statistics, more than 90% of stock exchange traders lose all their money. Only 1% of intraday traders get the positive trading balance after 365 days of work. For comparison, the probability of winning at roulette is 48%.




    But what to do with those terms as futures, volatility, and the Dow Jones index? These words might drive some people crazy. Stock exchange trading is not for everybody. According to, with the advent of blockchain technology, Bitcoin casinos have changed dramatically, becoming 100% safe, transparent, and protected from any type of fraud. This creates an interesting basis for a very exciting way to invest in cryptocurrency.


    Breaking stereotypes

    Everybody knows that only the casino wins. Perhaps at the time of the cunning hands of the croupier and well-tuned fraudulent programs, this statement was true, but the revolutionary technology of the blockchain radically changes the rules of the game.


    What is the fundamental difference between online casinos and those operating on the blockchain? Let's first understand the blockchain essence.


    Imagine that when you start your work, you create a folder with all the information and call it a block. It does not contain any data yet; it is the first – primary folder\block. Then new blocks appear, each of them contains information about previous blocks in the chain. If you change a single block, the chain gets broken. It cannot be changed without access to all blocks of the chain. And nobody has the sole access, because all blocks are evenly distributed among thousands of users of the network.


    In the context of an online casino that uses blockchain technology, this means that all bets, losses, winnings, and transactions are stored in the unchangeable database in the form of encrypted code. Anyone can check any information, but no one can change it. The game in Bitcoin crypto-casinos equates to a new financial instrument called crypto-investment. This is also a fun game which is deprived of the need to constantly monitor the situation on the stock exchange markets. Yes, in the 21st century, it becomes fun to invest!


    The size of the online gambling market has exceeded $45 billion. According to analysts, the online gambling market will grow by an average of 10.7% annually, and in 2024 will reach $94 billion.


    Crypto buns

    The emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has allowed online casinos to evolve and move to a new level, turning from entertainment with a bad reputation into an interesting and little-known financial investment tool that allows you to build up crypto capital along with trading on stock exchanges.


    Several advantages of Bitcoin casinos


    ·       Anonymity

    All information of the crypto-wallet is encrypted so that no secret service of the world can determine the identity of its owner. Many Bitcoin casinos do not require any identification documents to play or withdraw money. The crypto-wallet number is enough to complete the transaction.


    ·       Transparency

    The blockchain technology guarantees absolute honesty of the game, as well as access to a complete transaction history that cannot be faked.


    ·       Minimal investment amounts

    Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are divided into tiny Satoshi, photons, and other subunits, allowing you to make very small bids. Thus, with due diligence, patience, and perseverance, you can collect a decent amount of money without any serious investment. So, absolutely anyone, regardless of income, can successfully invest in cryptocurrencies.


    ·       Reliability

    You will not lose your money due to bank failure or currency fraud. A crypto-wallet cannot be tracked or frozen. Moreover, it does not depend on any financial structure in the world. It is completely autonomous, which means that at the moment it is the most secure way to store your funds.


    ·       Freedom

    Cryptocurrencies are independent and borderless. Although some countries create strict laws regulating crypto-trading, you can be anonymous and freely invest regardless of the legislation of the country, citizenship, or residence.


    Bitcoin casino is a unique combination of the most advanced investment technologies and exciting hobby, flavored with the security of the blockchain technology and the anonymity of cryptocurrencies.


    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have changed the world, and now, after reading this article, you can calmly look at business disapprovingly and invest in the game.

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