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  • How to create digital signature in OpenERP/Odoo?

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    Below example will helps you to add the digital signature in OpenERP/Odoo, you just have to follow the steps mentioned below:


    Step-1 Install the web_digital_sign module from Odoo apps to addons

    Step-2 After installation you have to make user settings code like below:

    from openerp import models, fields, api

    class Users(models.Model):
        _name = 'res.users'
        _inherit = 'res.users'
        signature= fields.Binary(string=' Digital Signature')
    after that we have to make .xml file for user interface..
    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
            <record id="inherited_res_users_form" model="ir.ui.view">
                <field name="name">inherited.res.users.form</field>
                <field name="model">res.users</field>
                <field name="inherit_id" ref="base.view_users_form"/>
                <field name="arch" type="xml">
                    <xpath expr="//field[@name=' Digital signature']" position="after">
                    <label for="signature_image" class="oe_edit_only"/>
                        <h2><field name=" Digital signature" widget="signature"/></h2>


    Step-3 After that go to settings->Users->Preferences see below screen for reference:

    How to create digital signature in OpenERP/Odoo?

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