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  • Importance Of Color In Web Designing

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    Color is undoubtedly the essential means to touch the emotions of website visitors. It is a non-verbal communication and creates a physical and emotional reaction of the viewers. Colors are able to set the right tone and carry a necessary message for visitors. Colors can calm or excite, arouse plenty of feelings and stimulate to actions.

    Choosing an appropriate color combination in the website design process is considered one of the most important (yet often overlooked) elements in creating a successful website. Psychologists have revealed that people are susceptible on a subconscious level to color impressions and that over 60% of acceptance or rejection of a website is tied to this very fact. Choice of color has the ability to generate a positive impact to the visitor and as a result, make the visitor stay longer.

    When deciding on the appropriate color for a website, consideration should be given to the target audience. The color used for a product focused on the elderly may not fare well with teens or younger generations. Also, over use of extremely bright colors like red, yellow, blue etc causes eye fatigue and could drive visitor away.

    Lets see what feelings each color can evoke.

    Red : Red is mostly associated with boldness, excitement and desire. Red is the color of love, strength, power, energy, leadership and excitement. It is a strong color, and you should be aware of some its negative associations, i.e. danger, alarms, traffic lights, etc.

    Blue: Blue means patience, peace, tranquility, trustworthiness, love, stability. It is one of the most beloved colors, especially by men. It is associated with stability and depth, professionalism, trust and honor.

    Yellow: Yellow is the color that mostly associated with liveliness. It is energetic and gives the feeling of happiness. Also, it associates with curiosity, amusement, joy, intelligence, brightness, caution, etc.

    Green: Green is the color of harmony, nature, healing, life, food and health. Also, it is often associated with money.

    Black: Black is a stylish and elegant color associated with power, sophistication, formality, health, etc. Black is an excellent technical color and helps to add some mystery to your design. But if you dont want your website provoke depressing feelings, avoid using black over a large area. On the other hand, if you make a black background, it can enhance perspective and depth. Black is great to use for art and photography websites to help other colors to vibrate.

    White: White is associated with purity, simplicity, fresh, goodness, innocence easy, cleanliness, etc. This color is great to use for a background or accent color, because it highlights other.

    Importance Of Color In Web Designing

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