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  • Instagram Tips to Help Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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    Marketing is the core need for a successful business to be established. With the right strategy and marketing techniques, you can boost your business to a great extent. There are different and innovative methods which have come into being by internet. Social media and social network have their role which has a rather powerful impact on marketing. Instagram has come up with various marketing strategies that are perfect for boosting small-scale businesses with negligible investment in marketing. However one should continuously innovate different marketing techniques to survive the competition, and here we are going to provide you with tips which would help you to bring out the best in your business through Instagram.


    Instagram can boast of 6 millions active users every month which makes this a very suitable platform for marketing through digital media. Social media that is solely based on sharing images, Instagram has the advantage of conducting business for various online shopping stores and similar business which rely on images to a great extent. According to recent researches and surveys by Forrester, the Instagram users have interactions directly with brands, and this is 400 percent higher compared to other social platforms available like the Facebook and Twitter. This statistics largely depend on followers for Instagram for different businesses. Further evaluation of statistics reveal that Instagram delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and in the case of Twitter, the rate is as high as 120 per follower. The numbers are evidence enough about the influence that Instagram has on the followers. Hence it is a must have tool for boosting your business. Here we are going to share some tips which you can follow for ensuring that your Instagram exposure as a business magnet is maximized.


    Using proper hashtags


    The hashtags which are being used plays a major role in the working of Instagram. The users search for images based on the hashtags and hence to get more exposure to customers and followers, who would take a real interest in your work, incorporates popular hashtags in your posts. Hashtags like #motivationmonday, #picsoftheday, #sundayfunday, etc. are going to connect with a lot of people who may be interested in your brand. Use the hashtags to search people who would be interested in your brand or have mentioned your brand. Making use of the re-post feature and tagging the people who mentioned your brand would let you find more exposure for the brand.


    Hashtags and geotags are very useful to ensure that you get enough business from local users as well. To get the best services from local followers for Instagram that you have, ensure that you have enables the location feature for every post.


    Create custom hashtags which are relevant to your business. But ensure that the hashtags are easy to use and that users can quickly make the most of them. Creating complicated custom hashtags which no other follower is using would not help with the boosting of the business.




    Make use of the option to tag. Tag different brand names that have relevance to your business and also tag users and locations on the post which is relevant to them. This would make it easier to find your brand online for other people and brands as well. Also showing your followers the behind the scene of the business or #BTS is likely to increase their faith in your brand. Behind the scene is helpful for establishing a connection with your followers for Instagram.


    Increasing your visibility


    Commenting and liking on relevant photos will help with increasing the visibility of your brand’s Instagram page. You can simply comment or like the pictures of prospective customers and interested people may check your profile and opt for following you back. The strategy that most Instagram marketers opt for is leaving a comment on at least one photo per day.


    Offers and discounts


    When you are launching a new product or offering certain discounts, then create a unique content or image focusing on those aspects in particular. This is likely to draw more attention from prospective followers and clients.  This would also help you keep track of how effective the promotion campaign is to decide your future marketing campaigns. Instagram celebrity “takeovers” is another very effective way to gain exposure for brands. However, usually, brands which are already more or less counting on a standard amount of followers can manage such feat.


    Entire post and not just image


    Though the Instagram posts primarily focus on the picture that is being shared or the video- when you are creating a post for Instagram the focus should be on the entire post as a whole and not just the image. The image is the primary focus no doubt and the hashtags which are being used would offer the followers with the context of the picture. But the caption is the main attraction which would make people wants to open the image in the first place. The caption often tells the followers about the making of the picture, and thus it should be crafted with care.


    The planning


    As the marketer, it is important to give much attention to each post. Plan the posts for Instagram well before you publish them. There are various services like Latergram, Hootsuite, and Tweet deck which you can use for getting the right kind of help required in this process. To gain trust and interest of the followers run contests and reward them from time to time. Hold interactive sessions with clients and answer to all the queries they have about your brand very precisely. Your communication skills with your customers would also add to their interest regarding the brand.




    Instagram marketing largely depend on strategies and the faith that the followers have on your brand. The proper planning of your Instagram marketing can add to the development of the business that you are running and bring home much profit with minimum investments.

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