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  • Integrating SOAP in your Rails Application

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    Hi Friends,

    Most of the large applications use SOAP for data transfer between two parties. So in rails we can also integrate SOAP support. For this there are multiple gems available. One of the mostly used gem is "savon". So here we will see, how we can integrate savon with rails to handle SOAP requests:

    1) Add savon gem to your Gemfile

    gem 'savon', '~> 2.11.0'


    2) Run the bundle to install the gem

    bundle install


    3) Require savon where you want to use its methods:

    require 'savon'


    4) After requiring savon, you need to create a client object for the target Url of the requesting service provider

    client = Savon.client(wsdl: 'http://service_providers_url')


    5) To know the operations available for the service provider, there is a method available:

    # => [:get_property_tab, :update_property_tab, :get_client_details]

    6) Now at last to get or update any kind of request depending upon the parameters required by the service, which can be either SOAP based XML or json. you need to hit call method. i.e.

    # For json data
    response =, {property_id: 55})
    # For soap/xml data
    xml_data = "SOME_XML_CONVERTED_DATA"
    response =, xml_data)

    7) To get the response, you need to get the body of the response:

    # => {aptitude_scores: 55, success: true}

    Hope you liked reading this blog.

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