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  • Lead Generation: How to Increase Traffic and Customers Online

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    When it comes to e-Commerce or any business wanting to benefit from a robust online presence, one of the key metrics to track is lead generation. Lead generation refers to the process of converting your online visitors into potential buyers. Of course, you want people to visit your website, click on your links, browse your pages, but you also want them to buy your products or avail your services. 



    Now more than ever, running a business goes beyond having a good online presence. With the current pandemic crisis, doing business means operating your business online literally and more time dedicated to strengthening your online marketing strategies. 


    In this post, you'll learn how to increase your traffic and customers online to make your business thrive and become more competitive during this trying time.


    1. Revamp Your Content Tactics


    Lead generation always involves web content, which is relevant, helpful, and targeted. It means that you should create content according to relevant metrics,  not merely because you feel like it's going to work this time. Using Google Analytics, you can track key metrics that determine your traffic and weigh your marketing efforts. These metrics include new and returning visitors, traffic sources, bounce rates, and conversion rates. 



    If you have a high bounce rate (percentage of leaving visitors), it means that a lot of your website visitors leave your site almost immediately. One possible reason why online users leave your website is that they didn't find what they were expecting, probably due to the inaccurate title, the meta description (short description of your web page seen on search results), or external link.


    Learn some ways to increase your traffic through your content: 


    • Promote your content through your social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where many of your target audience are engaging.
    • Write compelling headlines and review them before publishing.
    • SEO-optimize your content by creating internal links, optimizing your image alt text, and evaluating your meta description.
    • Cover popular and high-intent keywords and use long-tail keywords or more specific and longer keywords or phrases.


    1. Advertise


    One of the obvious ways to gain more visitors and customers to your website is by advertising or paid ads. Adjust your paid strategies based on your goals. Are you looking to get more traffic or increase your conversions? For example, if you want to get more traffic for more sales, then you have to specifically target high commercial intent keywords, including it in your paid search strategies.


    Here are some ways and platforms where you can promote your website:

    • Social media channels
    • Forums
    • Guest posting


    1. Gear up your Website's Mobile-friendliness


    Because of the increasing number of people using financial technology or fintech technology, like online banking apps today, one can conclude that more people are online. It would mean higher chances of engaging with potential customers or leads through mobile platforms. That's why it's important to take a look at your website's mobile capabilities to increase your traffic and draw more customers to your website. 


    Here's how:

    • Avoid using Flash: Android and iOS devices don't support flash. Flash tends to slow down the load time of your web page, which is not mobile-friendly.
    • Use Viewport Meta Tag: Your website should show up great on mobile by using the viewport meta tag, which tells browsers to tailor fit your web page on a device's screen being used. It will avoid awkward scrolling and navigation, which can cause customers' frustration and leaving your website.
    • Turn off Autocorrect Forms: To make people's interaction with your website a lot more convenient. turn off autocorrect on forms. By doing so, their name or address won't be automatically changed to more common words, which slows down filling out online forms.
    • Make Button Sizes Large Enough: Because mobile screens are touchscreens, clicking buttons is more difficult than on a desktop. Small buttons on a mobile view can be a great source of annoyance, so make sure to make button sizes bigger for ease of use.
    • Use Infographics: Infographics is the latest mobile trend, which is a combination of image-based and text content, which make great content for mobile screens. You can process infographic from Venngage for the best designs and templates. Just make sure to make it no longer than 5000 pixels to make your content short for mobile use.


    You can increase your traffic and customers by applying the tips shared in this article. By tweaking your content marketing strategies, making your website more mobile-friendly, and advertising, you'll be able to draw more people to engage with your website. Write for your audience, consider SEO, and give what is expected in your web pages.

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