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  • Linkify text in Android Textview

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    Linkify is very helpful to create links from TextView or Spannable. Linkify get Regular expression and work on Text with Regular expression.

     For example, you have a random text which includes web URLs also and you want to use web URL as clickable only the Linkify is very helpful for that.

    You can set linkify from XML code of TextView.

            android:text="" />


    or you can set programmatically also.

    Linkify.addLinks(textview, Linkify.WEB_URLS);

    Linkify will check links of:-

    1. Phone number,

    2. Email address.

    3. Web Address.

    4. All Of above.


    Linkify start application according to the type of link. Suppose if the link is the web then open the browser. If the link is email then open an Email application.


    Happy Coding :D

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