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  • Software Hacks That Allow You to Work from Your Phone

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    Internet connectivity is a staple of the modern workplace. Workplace dynamics are undergoing a paradigm shift toward virtualization, mobility, and management of information "in the cloud".


    The very definition of the "office" has begun to take on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days when you are relegated to being confined to the desk in your office. Thanks to VPN (virtual private network) connectivity, many employees can connect to their office network from their laptop from anywhere that they have a high-speed Internet connection.


    But what about mobile devices? With the increasing power of today's smartphones and the ever-increasing reliability and speed of mobile networks, is working from your phone an option? Can we finally ditch the laptop altogether and still be just as productive?


    Here are three software "hacks" that will empower you to work from your phone:


    Remote Desktop Access

    Does your work requires you to log onto a specific laptop or desktop computer and nowhere else? Are all of your business-critical software programs, data, and files all stored on a specific machine?


    In the business climate of yesteryear, you would have no choice but to physically log onto that machine in order to get your work done, even if it was a laptop.


    Enter remote desktop software. Nowadays you can remotely connect to your Windows machine from any other machine or even from a smartphone, using a special software app that uses "RDP" - the Remote Desktop Protocol. Examples of RDP clients include GoToMyPC. Visit the Google Play Store on Android or Itunes on Apple, and you will find a plethora of RDP apps that can be used to remotely connect to your workplace computer or laptop.


    Print To Your Work Printer From Your Phone

    It should come as no surprise that you can print to any local printer on your network from any laptop or desktop computer on that network. But what if the document that you need to print is on your phone and you don't have access to a laptop or desktop?


    Enterprise mobile printing is the answer! There are apps that can be used to broker the connection between your phone and a printer connected to the Internet. This can be extremely liberating, as you are no longer required to be physically connected to the same network as the printer. As long as you have the app, you can print from phone, and the app will take care of routing your document across "the cloud" and sending it to the designated printer of your choice. You can even print to more than one printer this way!


    Cloud-Based SAAS Applications

    Many popular desktop applications are now available online. These are commonly known as Software As A Service, or "SAAS" applications. They are also referred to as "cloud-based" applications.


    Let's face it. It can be cumbersome to use remote desktop from your phone, especially if it requires you to do a lot of scrolling around and a lot of activities that involve keyboard and mouse click combinations. Plus, depending on the speed of your data connection, you may experience some lag when rendering the display of the computer's desktop.


    This where SAAS applications really hit a home run. Nowadays there is an app for everything: For email, for document editing and sharing, for file storage, spreadsheet and database management, graphic editing, programming, and more.


    Furthermore, this can all be accomplished without sacrificing security. Thanks to modern encryption standards, you can be assured that your data remains confidential and secure. Plus, if your data and your apps are all available in the cloud, you don't have to worry about physical damage, theft, or loss of your device.


    Worrying about backing up your data and recovering it becomes a thing of the past!


    So What Are You Waiting For?

    Experience the freedom, liberation, flexibility, and mobility that comes with being able to work from anywhere using just your phone!            

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