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  • List of 40+ Best Tutorial Sites to Learn JAVA for Beginners in 2019

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    Hello Geeks,


    I'm an experienced JAVA developer and during the course of my learning from the early stage as a fresh web developer, I have learned web development technologies from many online tutorial sites. And as and when I started learning and grabbing JAVA development skills, I started saving quality online Java programming tutorial websites which have a great source of knowledgable information on JAVA. I also noticed that these selected sources of JAVA tutorial websites have quality information which is very easy to learn and grab in your mind and can help to write java basic programs. These sites also include java programming examples and web services tutorials. Hope these JAVA tutorial sites would help you also as a beginner.


    Let's See the Complete List of 40+ Best JAVA Programing Tutorial Sites to Learn Web Development for Beginners in 2019


    There are lots of on line resources that can be very helpful in learning Java programming language. Here I am mentioning some good sites that will help the learners, who are starting from scratch. Well it's very much required that learning java needs a regular and continuous practical while we are understanding the theory part. Below are mentioned some very good sites to learn Java Language on line very easily.


    1. Java Documentation: It is the primary and very useful on line resource for the starters to learn java concept step by step. This link is for the latest version. One can select the previous versions from the drop down in the site.
    2. Beginners Book: This site will help in learning basic java concepts, examples that will explain the concepts and flow diagrams. This site will provide links to key topics and explain step by step in order such concepts for beginner level , advanced and expert level.
    3. JavaNerds: This tutorial provides good way of explaining the concepts of core java along with the concepts of environment configuration. Here one can learn with the help of simple examples for the beginners and also complex one for advanced level.
    4. Tutorialspoint: This tutorial is for the beginners which help in learning through simple examples and doing practical using facility of on line compiling and executing the code. It will help in learning basic as well as advance concepts of Java.
    5. W3Resource: This tutorial is also another online resource that provides good learning material with good examples and exercises for the beginners. It will really help in learning basic as well as advance concepts of Java.
    6. Programming Notes: It is a complete tutorial that can help a beginner learn java concepts with the help of theory , good examples, puzzles, step by step explanation of the concept as well as the  examples.
    7. Java Made Easy: This tutorial is also good to help learn java language. Here one can learn java step by step from beginners mode to intermediate and finally to advance.
    8. Dineshonjava: This site also useful for the beginners to learn java. It provides good learning material in the form of examples and useful images that explains different concepts.
    9. Java Concept Of The Day: It is also a good site that can guide the starters through the concepts of java language.
    10. Java Beginners Tutorial: This site is also one of the sites that can guide the beginners in learning Java. The site is divided into 3 sections. First section will help in learning the fundamentals of Core Java. In the second section one can learn with the help of examples and implement the concept. In third section it will help one to go through the concepts learnt in the first and second part.
    11. Studytonight: Here one can get easily explained lessons for every topic and related tests for what one have learnt. Its a good tutorial that provides topic wise examples.



          Other than the above resources there are some more links that are also helpful in explaining concepts with the help of good examples and videos tutorials.


    1- Java Beginners

           2- Learntosolveit

            3- Learneroo

    4- Udemy Java Courses

           5- WIBIT

            6- Fluffycat

    7- JAVAFAQ

           8- Java2novice

            9- Kodejava

    10- Programmr

           11- Java2s

            12- Java-Examples

    13- Java Code Geeks

           14- Javarevisited

            15- O'RELLY ON JAVA

    16- Java Concept of the day

           17- Jenkov

            18- Javapapers

    19- JavaTportal

           20- Hub4Tech

            21- Concrete Page

    22- Sanfoundry

           23- Mkyong

            24- Programming By Doing

    25- Java Leasons

           26- Journaldev

            27- Programcreek


    Starters who feel more comfortable learning from videos can use the video tutorials mentioned below:


    • Java Beginners Tutorial: This video tutorial consists of 87 videos of which 40 plus videos are related to core java that will help the beginners learn basic concepts, setting up the development environment, compiling and executing the java programs, how to use IDE and lots of more stuff.
    • Free Java course online for beginnersThis tutorial provides videos for starters to learn how to create a java application, how to use netbeans IDE about arrays in java, boxing and unboxing and many more to learn. There are around 50 plus video tutorials. Videos are related to core java concepts.
    • Java videos by Derek Banas: This tutorial consists of a great collection of videos for starters who want to learn java programming. One can find 90 plus videos related to the core java.
    • Intro to Java Programming by San Jose State University Free Course: Here one can find videos on different java topics for step by step learning of the concepts. It's a free intro course on Java Programming for complete beginners.

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