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  • List of Top 5 Vital Development Tools For Java Developers

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    Java is a widely used programming language in the software development industry. There is an immense number of tools used by Java developers to make the development process faster and efficient. Developers first analyze the project and as per the requirement, they opt for the most suitable tool.


    This also means that not every tool is a perfect fit for any project. To keep it in mind, I have come up with top 5 tools that are mostly preferred by the Java Developers in a software development company.


    Apache Maven


    This tool is probably used by senior Java developers to build automation for various projects. Being a project management tool, it also include the reporting, build and document work of the project.  


    Java developers leverage Maven for managing dependencies like 3rd party Jar files that were used in the development process.




    GIT is a tool hosted by the Github. Both are majorly important for Java developers. It is advised to every Java Developer to practice this tool in order to get an upper hand while applying for a software developer job in a reputed IT company.


    Being an open source, Java developers can check their capabilities by working on live projects which can be seen by thousands of other professional developers.




    Jerkins is a powerful tool which offers open source automation where developers get various plugin like support building, and deploying the java development projects.


    With faster deployments, it has a major role in DevOps as it is also self-contained Java program.




    Being an excellent planning and bug detecting tool, JIRA offers features that support the Agile methodologies which makes it quite popular among the dedicated Java developers.


    Projects Managers find it  most useful as they can create stories, distribute tasks and do plan sprints through this tool. Most importantly, they can track the work of every single member in their team.




    Like other tools, Docker helps to build and management of the project, but it also provides secure range of the traditional apps with microservices.


    It allows Java programmers to launch their project from Windows or Mac toolbar as it provides container native coding experience.




    If you want to become a smart Java Developer, then these tools must be in your bucket list. A reputed Java Development Company give more priority to those who hold an excel in some these tools and the chance of getting hired are more.

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