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  • List of 5 Best Must-Have Apps for Marketing Students

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    Student life is one of the most precious times in a person’s life. All the great memories are mostly formed in these golden days. The best of friends and the most memorable experiences mostly happen in this wonderful era.


    Having said all this, the student life does come with its own hurdles and difficulties as well. Juggling school work and struggling to maintain a healthy social life becomes almost impossible in this period. This struggle is greatly simplified with the introduction of mobile apps.


    Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. From entertainment to business, every aspect of our lives revolves around mobile apps. Similarly, students benefit a great deal from this beautiful marvel of modern-day technology.


    Today, we will be discussing this very marvel and how it has helped ease the life of marketing students throughout. The list includes a few of the best apps out there that every marketing student must have with them to make the most out of their student life.



    Evernote is one of the most simplest and efficient note-making apps out there. It is a free app that is available for download on iOS app store and Android Play store. With this app, you can make note of all the ideas you get throughout the day.


    One of the best features of this app is that it can be easily synchronized throughout all your devices. You can access a ton of functions with it including making notes, to-do lists, record voice notes and so much more.


    Furthermore, after spending the whole day outside, when you come home you can access all these files on your home device very easily. You can even share your Evernotes directly on social media with all your marketing peers as well.



    Dropbox is the ultimate solution for all your storage needs. It rids you of the worry of low storage capacity on your devices. You can simply upload all your files onto a cloud server with this phenomenal app.


    You can easily sign up for this app without any hassle. Initially, you might have a 2 GB storage capacity but you can increase this figure by inviting other people to use this app. Simply upload your documents and media files onto this server and forget about searching for a vacant computer at the library.


    As long as you are connected to the internet you are good to go. And if you are struggling with a bad internet connection then do check out AT&T internet services as they are one of the best service providers across the country.



    The world is changing rapidly. And this change has enveloped the marketing industry as well. One has to take into consideration news and updates from all sorts of different sources. With Flipboard, this need is also satisfied.


    Flipboard is a place where news and updates from all the different corners of the world are accumulated. Whether it is marketing or the medicine industry, or any industry for that matter, Flipboard has got you covered.


    The good thing about this app is you can choose the industries on which you wish to receive updates. Moreover, you can also prioritize the topics and select which news is delivered first to you. It is an essential app if you want to stay updated regarding all the latest marketing trends and news.



    Are you always in the search for answers? Do you require answers for your marketing queries? Reddit is the perfect app for you then. Reddit provides answers from the common person. You can get answers from real users on all the different questions that you might have.


    Moreover, if you prefer answering the question rather than asking them, even then it is the place to be. People from all over post various questions on a daily basis. You can help them get the answers that they require.


    There are different sections called subreddits for different topics. Different categories include medicine, technology, marketing and a whole lot more as well. There are even subreddits made for specific regions such as cities and states.



    This is another phenomenal tool that is perfect for students no matter what their field is. With myHomework, you can set up separate schedules, mark calendars, and set deadlines for assignments that need to be submitted.


    It is a must-have for students that are struggling with different classes with complex timetables and never-ending assignments. What’s more, when you set up a certain event or task on the app it is automatically synced throughout all your devices with the same account.


    Additionally, you get notifications on upcoming deadlines so that you do not miss out on any of your important tasks.


    Summing Up

    There definitely are a lot of other useful apps out there. But for the time being these are enough to get you going. The apps might be limited to some extent but overall their benefits are awesome so far.


    Well then, this is it for the time being. These are the must-have apps for marketing students that we have for you today. Do stay tuned as we might bring you further updates on several other advancements as well.

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