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  • List of Top 10 Best VoIP Features Every Business Must Have

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    For the past few decades, the power of technology has reached a high point. Due to the internet, VoIP phone systems have almost replaced their previous analogue predecessors. Today, it is almost impossible to find a small or medium business still using old communicating systems. The advantages of VoIP phone systems are obvious. One of the main things - it saves your money.  VoIP does not have a bulky infrastructure, which implies lower fees for the system installation. International calls are charged at the lower price or at the cost of local calls. It's very simple to use - a regular broadband connection makes it easy to operate. And the last, but not the least - call quality is better. These things are usually taken into consideration when comparing phone communication. But VoIP technology is much serious. It does not lean just on the phone, but it presents a revolutionary road to business success.


       Top 10 VoIP Features Every Business Must Have


    Here are 10 Must-Have cloud phone system features that today's businesses can't do without.


    1.  Audio & Videoconferencing

    For any owner or a company manager, staying in touch with a team is mandatory. Business VoIP systems are making easy the network access even for those who work remotely. Virtual collaboration became an everyday type of communication. Audio & Videoconferencing are easy to set up, and yet, they will give you the impression like you are all in the same room.  


    2. Using Voicemail to Email Feature

    In the times before, missed calls would be recorded to a special voicemail device. The user would need to replace the tape manually. Nowadays, VoIP’s feature called voicemail-to-email will send a digital recording directly to your mail inbox. This VoIP feature can also be used for business faxes. What more, the caller's voice can be transcripted into the text instead of listening. This feature can be very significant. Especially for those who are travelling. They can have the ability to keep up with their work even when they're out of office.


    3. Improving Business With Call-Center Software

    VOIP call centre software has made a revolution in modern business. It is spreading with great speed. Some predictions say that more than half of the Global companies will use the potentials of call centre software in the near future. Call centre software allows businesses to run and manage everything. And that is not including purchasing expensive equipment or agent training. These virtual call centres allow companies to hire remote employees or manage teammates in different locations.


    4. Using Auto-Attendant

    One of the most important features of business VoIP is Auto Attendant. Bigger businesses have a higher extent of calls. A Menu will help to guide your customers to the right person or department. This feature makes easier for companies to manage calls and can also give the impression of smaller companies being bigger.


    5. The Option Of Call Forwarding

    For business operations, flexibility is a key factor. Call forwarding feature will allow you and your employees to stay mobile. Perhaps you're meeting a client somewhere out of your workspace? No need to worry. Your calls can be forwarded to your mobile from your office phone number. So you will always keep up with your business.


    6. Day & Time Routing

    If you’re a business owner, who has to leave the office every day at a particular time - this feature will be quite helpful for you. This routing feature will redirect your business calls wherever needed in the time that you wish. Day & Time Routing feature is preset into the forward calls system. This will make you much easier to handle your working schedule.


    7. Find-me/Follow-me Option

    VoIP took standard call forwarding to a whole new level. Digital Location-independent companies and new era digital nomads are quite demanding and hard to reach. That's why the Find-me/Follow-option can be so precious. This feature can forward calls even to travelling entrepreneurs who can find themselves all over the world.


    8. The Integration Of Your Database

    VoIP technology is extremely adaptable. A solid VoIP phone provider will mostly offer you different sorts of APIs. This will make your database integration quicker and much more simplified. With this feature, you can access data sources even when you're outside the network.


    9. Real-time Call Analytics & Reports

    Since VoIP is a digital technology, all the data you may have on your phone or conversations will be stored. A well-developed interface lets the user see clearly the way the phone network is used to conduct his business. This feature will generate faster and efficient business tasks.


    10. Cloud-Based Connectivity

    Today, firm and reliable broadband have become normative. Cloud-based systems have almost totally replaced the PBX hardware. When drifting your business calling database to Cloud you will make your local networks accessible on mobile devices. This way you will increase your mobility, but your productivity as well.

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