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  • Performance Testing Process

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    Performance testing define as the non-functional testing which used to determine that how the system will react in different different level of work load or stress. This testing basically used to determine the issues of performance.

    In performance testing benchmark is made to define the behavior of the system. These benchmarks are define by the company which should be match during the performance testing.

    Type Of Performance Testing:


    Load Testing : The Load testing used to identify the maximum operating capacity of an application. In load testing the application was targeted with load of multiple number of users hit the application simultaneously with help to determine the behavior of application.

    Stress Testing : The Stress testing used to identify the break point of the application. It find out how the application handles the heavy load error. The basic concept of stress testing is that application does not get crashed.

    Soak Testing : In Soak testing Application tested under the continues load which is used to determine that there should be no memory leak or application may get crashed.

    Spike Testing : The Spike testing is used to identify how the application respond on unexpected load and unload of data into the application.

    Some Performance Testing Tools Download Link's

    1. Apache Jmeter
    2. LoadRunner
    3. Rational Performance Tester
    4. Testing Anywhere

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