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  • Protocol in a Software industry & Types of protocols?

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    Protocol Testing:-



    What is Protocol in a software industry?


    When computer communicates with each other, there is a common arrangement of rules and conditions that every computer needs to follow. As such, protocols decide how data/information are transmitted between computing devices and over networks.

    Protocols are characterized into two categories routed protocols and a routing protocols.


    Routed Protocols: Routed protocols can be utilized to send the user information/data starting with one network to another network. It carries user traffic like messages, web-activity, file transfers, e-mails etc. These protocols are IP, IPX, and AppleTalk.


    Routing Protocols: Routing protocols are network protocols that decide routes for switches. It is just utilized between switches/routers. For instance RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, and so on.

    In basic terms, router is similar to a transport utilized for transportation while directing/routing protocols are signs out and about on the road.

    Based on the sort of communication different protocols are utilized.


    Types/Sorts of computer protocols:-


    Types/Sorts of Protocols                                   Purpose of Protocols
    TCP/IP It is utilized to send data/information in little packets over Internet
    UDP/ICMP It is utilized to send little amount of data/information in data-packets over web/internet
    POP3 and SMTP It is utilized for sending and receiving mail
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol It is utilized to transfer HTML page in encrypted structure to give security to delicate data
    FTP It is utilized for transporting records over a network starting with one hub/node to another


    * TCP/IP-Transmission Control Protocol/Internet protocol, UDP/ICMP-User Datagram Protocol/Internet Control Message Protocol, POP3/SMTP-Post Office Protocol/Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, HTTP-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, FTP-File Transfer Protocol


    Different sorts of network Protocols (L2 and L3):-


    The OSI model has all out 7 layer of system/network communication, in which layer 2 and layer 3 are exceptionally crucial.


    Layer 2: It is an data join/link layer. Macintosh address, Ethernet, Token Ring, and Frame Relay are all examples of Data connection/link layer.

    Layer 3: It is a network layer that decides the best available way in the network for communication. IP location is an example of layer3.


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