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  • Publishing ICalendar with Ruby on Rails

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    If your application has certain events(For example meeting etc), then you may need to integrate calendar application.
    Icalendar is a standard for calendar data exchange.
    Icalendar allows us to generate .ics files so that users can add events to their calendars.

    First of all install the gem

    gem install icalendar


    And run bundle install
    After this add require 'icalendar' to your config/environment.rb

    Suppose we have a MeetingEvent model:

    class MeetingEvent < ActiveRecord::Base
    # Table name: meeings_events
    #  id           :integer(11)     not null, primary key
    #  title        :string(255)
    #  start_date    :datetime
    #  end_date     :datetime
    #  summary      :text
    #  created_at   :datetime
    #  updated_at   :datetime


    The next part is added "to_icalender" action of the MeetingController to accept .ics format:

    def to_icalender
            @event = MeetingEvent.find(params[:id])
            respond_to do |format|
              format.ics do
                cal =           
                    event =
                    event.dtstart = @event.starts_at
                    event.dtend = @event.ends_at  
                    event.summary = @event.title
                    event.uid = event.url = "#{event_url}"
                    render :text =>  cal.to_ical

    Add a link to your view:

    <%= link_to @event.title, :controller => 'meeting', :action => :to_icalender, :format => :ics %>

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