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  • Rating Gem in Ruby on Rails

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    How to setup a rating feature in rails application.


    The best and simple way of doing so is by using RAILS GEM ratyrate by following simple steps.


    Step 1: Include GEM in your gem file

    gem 'ratyrate'


    Step 2:  Generate rating in respect of user by

    $ rails g ratyrate User


    Step 3: (Optional) Using with device

    $ rails g devise:install
    $ rails g devise user
    $ rails g ratyrate user # => user is the model generated by devise


    Step 4: Adding the ratyrate Associations

    Open the Movie model, or whatever MODEL you want to add the starring to, and paste the following code:

    ratyrate_rateable 'visual_effects', 'original_score', 'director', 'custome_design'


    Step 5: You also need to define the model which will provide the actual rating. For our MovieStore application, it is the User model, so add the following code to it:




    Step 6: Migrate the database

    $ rake db:migrate


    Step 7: Use it in the view level by the following code and remove whichever field is not needed as per your requirements:

    <div class="row">
      <div class="small-2 large-2 columns">
        <%= imdb_style_rating_for @movie, current_user%>
      <div class="small-2 large-4 columns">
        <% if current_user %>
          Visual Effects: <%= rating_for @movie, "visual_effects" %>
          Original Score: <%= rating_for @movie, "original_score" %>
          Director: <%= rating_for @movie, "original_score" %>
          Custome Design: <%= rating_for @movie, "custome_design" %>
        <% end %>


    NOTE: If you want to use IMDB like rating average and auto hide stars after staring use following:

    <strong>Review Score: </strong><%= rating_for @event, "original_score", disable_after_rate: true, imdb_avg: true %>


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