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  • Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development

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    DevOps is actually a modern software development method whose ultimate focus lies on the effective collaboration between the software developers, mobile app development companies, project managers as well as the operations staffs along with the alignment of the business goals at the same time. 


    DevOps is basically a unique approach that involves much better collaboration with all the stakeholders who are involved in the creation of any product.


    In addition to this, there are a number of benefits of using DevOps which is exactly the reason why they are being readily used in recent times especially by the mobile app development services. One of the biggest advantages of using DevOps is to make sure that both the development as well as the operations team work together as one single unit.


     The ultimate goal of the team is broken down and specific tasks are assigned to the members of the team. It is efficient teamwork that brings about success. With the DevOps, there is a much more stable environment which plays a vital role in the easy deployment of products. 


    Now, at the time when the members of the team are working together, it is quite clear that all are working on implementation which is highly beneficial in the enhancement of their interpersonal skills. When a team operates together, more work can be conveniently done within a short span of time. 


    Another of the biggest advantages of using DevOps is to develop software and mobile apps without any kinds of issues. Most importantly, it results in the creation of an environment of collaboration as well as fresh ideas coming up at the time when there are more like-minded people working together in the same team. 


    DevOps and Mobile App Development

    DevOps have played a crucial role in the bringing of the development team as well as the operations team on the same page. With this process, all of the responsibilities are equally distributed among the different members of the team with a single goal where each of the teams has clear visibility of the performance of the application. The mobile app services have been greatly benefitted from the DevOps in the following manner.


    Having a Continuous Planning

    Continuous planning in this regard refers to bringing all of the members of the team like the developers, testers, business analysts as well as the team of operations on the common platform for the determination of the scope of the application in the formulation of a release plan. 


    The Integration is Constant

    At the time when the integration is continuous, it plays a crucial role in addressing the community of the developers by focusing on error-free builds along with following only the best practices as well as standards of the version control thereby making it clear about the role played by DevOps in mobile app development.


    Testing is Always Consistent

    Testing is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the overall cycle of mobile app development. Continuous as well as consistent testing makes sure that the quality of the product so delivered to the customer is on the high without any kinds of compromises or bugs. Continuous testing in DevOps puts a lot of stress on the automation of all of the phases that are involved in the testing of the apps.


    Proper Monitoring

    With the help of the DevOps, mobile app services can constantly as well as properly monitor the overall process of app development. Monitoring on a continuous basis makes sure that the application necessarily performs exactly as desired and the overall production environment is kept stable irrespective of the frequency of the changes occurring that too without any kind of human interactions.


    Delivery is Continuous

    The DevOps plays an important part in ensuring continuous delivery in the mobile app development process which is of great benefit to each of the mobile app development companies. Most importantly, the practice of continuous delivery necessarily makes sure that the proper code is deployed to the production environment by simply delivering each and every change to a production-like environment. 


    Consistent Deployment

    Another manor role played by DevOps in the process of mobile app development is continuous deployment. Each and every change that passes through the automated tests through continuous testing process is necessarily deployed to the production environment automatically.


    What Can Mobile DevOps Do?

    The adoption of mobile DevOps in the case of mobile app development can be a game-changer in the field in a number of ways which are as listed below.

    ·         It provides multi-platform support

    ·         Effective mobile app testing

    ·         Pull deployment model

    ·         Applicable for both Apple Store as well as Google Play Store


    Thus, it can be clearly understood as to what role the DevOps play in the case of mobile app development services

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