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  • Safety First: Why Security is Important for Every Ecommerce Website?

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    Ecommerce sites have become a target of hackers and other malicious individuals because of the enormous gains that they can get from these sites. 


    With all the transactions that involve money and the personal and financial information that they can get from customers, there is no doubt that eCommerce sites have become a favorite target of cyberattacks. 


    To help keep your site and your customers from being hacked, you must implement tight security measures. In this post, we will discuss the reasons why security is important when you make an eCommerce site


    To Prevent Data Breach

    When your network or device becomes infected with ransomware and other types of malware, you could potentially be locked out from your systems and other important data. 


    Experiencing site downtime can be costly. Thus, regularly backing up your site's data can prevent this devastating blow to happen to your business. 


    By not installing any kind of suspicious software, and by not clicking unknown links, you can better protect your online store from these kinds of attacks. 


    Another way that you can prevent a major data breach from happening is to safe-keep your customers' data, especially if it is already long been used. When the data is no longer important, ensure that it is kept safe and is not used for the wrong reasons.


    Keep only the most important information, and remove the data that you do not need anymore after a reasonable amount of time. 


    To Prevent DDoS Attacks

    Distributed Denial of Service or a DDoS's goal is to slow your site down. It will also aim to put your site out of order, up to a point where doing any kind of work with it is nearly impossible. DDoS attacks can hurt your business financially. 


    There are various ways that you can do to avoid these kinds of attacks. There are a couple of providers that handle DDoS attacks on their own, but you can improve your security by utilizing professional DDoS protection tools and services. 


    This usually depends on the kind of server that you use, as well as the type of technology you carry out. 


    To Protect Customer Information

    Hackers use malicious software to penetrate and infect sites, gather information, and even hijack their computer resources. When an attacker gains access to your eCommerce site, they can use it to redirect traffic and infect its users with malicious software. 


    There are various types of malware, and thousands of ways to infect your website, which is mostly done by automated hacking tools. What they all have in common is that these hackers will target your website visitors and prospective customers. 


    Here are effective ways to fend off hackers and build your customer's trust: 


    • Install and update your security software: Invest in a quality anti-virus and cybersecurity software. It is better to trust professionals rather than to do everything on your own. After you have installed the software, always keep it updated and patch that software. When you try to put off these patches and updates, you are virtually leaving backdoors open for hackers to compromise your customers' information. 

    • Create strong passwords: If hackers could find a way to get your password and gain access to your system, then that is bad news for you and your customers. To avoid this from happening, make your passwords rock-solid. One way to do to make your passwords more solid is to use a password-generator. 

    • Reduce outside access with private networks and servers: When it comes to handling something valuable like your customer data, ensure that you have as many obstacles as possible. One way to do that is to move your network into a more secure, private network. By keeping all your data into multiple layers of security, you can make your business more trustworthy to your customers. 

    • Always test for vulnerabilities: After you have generated your passwords, and with everything up and running, do not be complacent in your customers' information. Keep testing for possible vulnerabilities. 


    To Save Your Reputation

    When it comes to your prospects, you need to create an excellent first impression. This is true, especially when it comes to the digital world, where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. 


    If prospective customers visit your site and get some sort of malware or virus, they will not return anytime soon. The damage is already done even before that since web browsers warn users before they enter an infected site. 


    This warning alone is already enough to scare a lot of people away. If a potential customer loses their trust, it will cause you to lose your reputation over time, and it could potentially mean the end of your business. 


    Having a website that has up-to-date security helps eliminate this problem. By having a professional who will cover your tracks and keep your site secure at all times, you can also communicate that same degree of professionalism to every user that visits your site. 


    To Save Money

    If you have discovered that your site has been hacked, trying to recover everything can be costly. Not just the malware clean-up, but it could lead to a loss in revenues and damage in your reputation.


    Apart from that, you have to pay for the forensic investigation, credit monitoring for affected parties, and more. 


    All of these can eat up your time and resources if you fail to secure your eCommerce site. 


    To Avoid Quarantine

    Do you know that Google quarantines approximately 10,000 websites daily? When users search up an infected site, and a message like "This site may harm your system or computer" shows, people would not want to visit these sites and are grateful for Google for these warnings. 


    Also, if your site gets hacked, it will be blacklisted by Google. A blacklisted site loses approximately 90 percent of its customers. 


    Final Thoughts 

    By having solid eCommerce security measures in place, it is easier to build your prospective customers' trust and enhance your reputation that will ensure that your business will survive and thrive online for years to come.

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